Designer Laptop Bags: Chic Styles for Work

If you’re reading this, it looks like we have something in common: From phones to laptops and tablets, tech devices couldn’t matter more in our day-to-day lives. Whether you’re watching Netflix or taking Zoom calls, a busy schedule means you’ll want to keep your devices close.

When it comes to carrying these sacred essentials from place to place, you need a secure, dependable tote or satchel that keeps them safe. 

Here’s the good news: You can now tote your tech in style. 

With so many polished, professional designs on the market, you’ll never need to settle for a bland laptop bag again.

Check out a few of our favorite fashionable laptop bags. Elevated workwear, here you come. 

The Satchel

Want to depart from a traditional two-strap backpack? Satchels are great for a modern, stylish alternative that minimizes strain.

Satchels are marked by their sleek look, roomy interiors, and versatile straps. While many can be slung over your shoulder, some options also offer top handles for easy carrying. In parts of Europe, satchels are popular, go-to bookbags for students. 

In fact, the satchel has become so popular, it’s quickly becoming the modern equivalent to the vintage suitcase.

If you’re shopping for a satchel, look for the following design characteristics:

  • Satchels typically have one crossbody strap and land on the hip.
  • Satchels are often crafted with durable leather that gets softer over time, so you can trust them to hold up during everyday wear. 

Because of the ability to turn a satchel into an over the shoulder bag, it definitely gives the design a timeless as well as an old-school academia feel.

If you aren’t sure about what type of colors are great for satchels, the following is a great style guide to refer to when picking out colors or designs for your next laptop satchel:

  • Neutrals - If you want a color that is a little more subtle, definitely go for neutral colors with bases in beige and ivory, like taupe, cream, sand, tan, charcoal, nude, and olive. 
  • Patterns - Spicing up your satchel can also be done through the use of tasteful patterns, like snake print and embossed detailing. 
  • Soft Hues - When you’re going for something with a bit more of a pop of color for your satchel, look for soft pastel colors like sky blue, rose, lavender, light grey, and sand.  
  •  Dark Hues - If you want a satchel that blends in better with the dark-hued color scheme you find yourself wearing for work, try finding satchels in colors such as teal, violet, navy, burgundy, and rust. 

You can definitely enjoy experimenting with different patterns and colors for your satchel bag but stick within the guidelines of the colors and patterns above to maintain a chic work style that balances fashion and functionality.

Plus, with tons of secure zippers, zippers, you’ll feel safe knowing that your beloved laptop is safe and sound in a satchel.


The multi-functional use of a tote can also extend into the laptop bag domain as well.

Totes are especially exceptional for designer laptop bags, because they are large enough to fit pretty much your whole work day’s worth of essentials, plus everything you need for your after 5 PM activities.

If you’re on the search for a tote, take note of the following defining characteristics:

  • Tote bags boast a comfortable handle grip and over the shoulder straps that make long days on the go, especially when carrying your precious tech, more gentle on the body. 
  • A tote can also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that works best for you and your laptop needs. Whether you need something smaller for your tablets to keep clutter to a minimum or if you need all the space you can get for your laptop, phone, and other devices, a tote bag will fit the bill.  
  • Tote bags have also been praised for how light and airy they feel, even when you are carrying all your work, personal, and tech items.  

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, totes also come in a variety of strong fabrics that will keep your laptop from harm’s way:

  • Canvas - Canvas makes a great, durable choice for a chic laptop bag. It has give, so it can cozily fit your laptop plus more, is easy to use in your everyday life, and just has a very classic and timelessness look. 
  • Nylon - Nylon is not only waterproof but is easy to clean and can look nearly as good as leather. Plus, it looks sleek, especially in neutral colors like black and tan.
  • Suede - If nylon totes aren’t doing it for you, try a suede option instead. Suede totes definitely convey a more sophisticated look than their nylon counterparts when compared. Suede also is pliable, which means it will definitely accommodate the space your laptop bag needs throughout the day with each passing meeting. 
  • Leather - Good ol’ classic leather is also a great stylish option for a tote bag. Leather is the most sturdy of all three options, and due to its durability and longevity, it will last a lot longer than the other types of fabrics, which is good for both you and the safe-keeping of your laptop. Also, leather is the essence of classic, so you’ll always get a chic look with a leather laptop bag no matter the year or season..

Don’t completely disregard using a work tote as a laptop bag. You can definitely make it work for your style, and space-wise it will give you all the room that you need. 


If you want something with a little more classic approach for your laptop bag, the tried-and-true backpack is the way to go.

As pretty much everyone knows, the backpack is excellent for numerous reasons:

  • The standard design consists of parallel shoulder straps for distributing the weight of the contents in your bag, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop falling to one side and getting damaged.
  • Although the backpack has two standard pockets, one for inside the bag and one as a smaller pocket on the front, you can find backpacks that have multiple compartments for all your tech needs. Some are even specialized for carrying laptops. 
  • Backpacks also have numerous zippers to make sure all your precious cargo is safely contained.

Your laptop backpack doesn’t have to be a dull color, either. There are numerous ways you can spruce it up to make it blend with your own personalized work style:

  • Patterns - Although there are seemingly endless types of patterns that you can choose for a backpack, some great patterns for a chic work style include argyle, plaid, chevron, gingham, geometric shapes, and herringbone. 
  • Classic Colors - You can always choose to go with classic colors, although it's best if you stay away from louder shades like pastels and neons. Instead, go for earth colors like an emerald, burnt sienna, or caramel brown and muted colors such as amethyst, pumpkin, or silver. 
  • Vintage - if a throwback chic style is what you’re after, definitely look for backpacks with color block patterns or thick, bold and parallel stripes that include a mix of sunset colors like burnt oranges and hues of dark blue. 

If you’re stuck thinking that backpacks are only good for an academic style, definitely think again.

By playing around with different patterns, colors, and layouts, you’ll be sure to find a backpack style that will blend in perfectly with your overall work chic style.

The Crossbody

Another great way to safely and stylishly carry around your laptop is with a crossbody bag.

Crossbody bags are great options if you prefer not to have your laptop bag over your shoulders, carrying it around with a handle or weighing down one of your shoulders. 

Defining characteristics of a crossbody bag can include the following:

  • Typically a single strap connected to the bag that is meant to go diagonal across the body when worn on one shoulder.
  • Removable or adjustable shoulder straps to make the strap bearing the weight on the bag more comfortable, especially for crossbody laptop bags.

If you’re not sure what exactly a crossbody bag is, you’ve probably seen the labeled before as the following:

  • Baguette - Oh la la! This crossbody bag gets its name from donning the shape of the famous French bread. Baguette bags are typically on the smaller end of the crossbody bags and are generally meant for carrying smaller tech items like tablets and cellphones.
  • Fringe - Known for its fringe textures outlying the perimeter of the bag, a fringe bag is also a great crossbody bag due to its unique style. Unlike the baguette, the fringe bag can come in bigger sizes, which can definitely accommodate your laptop.
  • Sling - The sling bag has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, especially as laptop bags. They tend to be larger than your traditional crossbody bags so they can hold more items such as your laptop, phone, and tablet.
  • Messenger bag - The most famous of crossbody bags is the messenger bag. The messenger bag usually consists of adjustable shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight, as well as adjustable buckles. In addition to these features, the messenger bag also includes loops and hoops to attach things like carabiners, lights, or phone holders.

If any of those types of bags sound familiar to you, you’ve definitely either encountered a crossbody bag or even own one for yourself.

If the crossbody bag appeals to your laptop bag needs, consider the following style options that would be great for curating your ultimate work chic style:

  • Textures - If you’re looking for a specific type of texture for your crossbody bag, check out classic choices like suede and leather. Not only are they great fabrics, but they also give off a classic and vintage vibe too. 
  • Solid colors - Solid colors are another great way to dress up your laptop bag. Colors such as browns, blacks, greys, and whites are great work colors. 
  • Patterns - Looking to really make a statement with some unique pattern choices? Try looking for crossbody bags that have designs on them. Some great patterns to incorporate into your work style are paisley, stripes, tartan plaid, trellis, medallion, animal print, and even textured patterns like jacquard. 

Now that you know the different types of prints and colors you can look for, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a crossbody bag that works for you and all your tech needs. 

Choosing a Laptop Bag That Works

So now that you know you have plenty of designer options for laptop bags out there, you don’t have to settle for anything less than chic for your own personal style.

By experimenting with these different types of bags and different styles, you can see what works best for you and what doesn’t. That’s definitely the fun of trying out alternative options for your laptop bag needs. 

Although you should also consider bags that have enough space, cushion, and security buckles, clasps, or zippers for your laptop bag, you shouldn’t have to skimp on style because of it. 

Try out these different types of laptop bags and see what works best for you. 

Who knows, you may even be inspired by new ways to create a whole new work wardrobe based on your new favorite designer laptop bag. 


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