How to Be Stylish: Transform Your Look

Are you ready to rock a more stylish wardrobe?

Or maybe you feel your entire collection needs a serious style upgrade.

Whatever the case may be, you can definitely transform your look by adding in more stylish and trendy pieces. 

It’s time to put that New Year, New Me 2020 resolution to work and make this year your most stylish year yet.

When thinking about ways you can be more fashionable, the following are good guidelines to consider:

  • Don’t hold on to something that no longer fits— we’re all guilty of this to some degree, but if it hasn’t fit for a while and you can’t remember the last time you wore it, it’s best to part peacefully with it.
  • Don’t just purchase a piece because it was at a bargain price— cheaper costs can sometimes mean cheaper quality, so be sure you’re going for quality, designer brands.
  • Discover new designer brands— it’s ok to be a brand loyalist; just make sure you branch out and try other designer’s collections.

Seriously think about tossing those old clothes and last season’s collection, especially if they are collecting dust.

You deserve to be the trendiest you’ve ever been, and it’s as easy as adding in the following stylish staples. 

Designer Handbags

One of the best ways to really transform your look from drab to stylish is to switch up your handbag game and opt for something more stylish.

By selecting a high-quality designer handbag, you can really elevate your outfit to the next level and really transform your look.

A couple of stylish handbag staples include:

  • Crossbody  - this useful, functional, and stylish bag is not only easy to carry but is also a stylish and lowkey addition to any outfit.
  • Satchel - the O.G. handbag, the satchel is definitely great if you want to make a bigger impression with your handbag collection.
  • Totes - if you are someone who pretty much carries your entire life with you, like most of us do, you can definitely do that in style with a large tote. 
  • Clutch - if you want something stylish that is more subtle and easily blends in with your outfit, a stylish clutch is the way to go.

It’s also recommended to acquire all these types of designer handbags as they can be rotated out with various outfits, giving you a stylish look no matter how you pair it.

Classic White T-Shirt

There is definitely something to be said about the versatility of a classic white t-shirt.

It is considered the blank canvas of the fashion world and can be paired with different layers such as cardigans, jackets, or accessories.

When selecting your classic white t-shirt, be sure you are looking for the following cuts and fabrics that will work best for your style:

  • Crew neck
  • V-neck
  • Thick-weave
  • Organic cotton and jersey blend

A variation of the classic white t-shirt is the PLB, aka, the Pretty Little Blouse, the cousin to the LBD, which we will get to later on.

The PLB keeps a low profile like the classic white t-shirt but has additional features such as buttons and a collar. So, although more uniform in look, the PLB can also be paired with pretty much another other piece in your closet. 

The classic white t-shirt’s versatility makes it a classic addition to your wardrobe.

Dark Wash Jeans

Denim has been a classic staple of many closets throughout the decades. 

Along with its classic style and durability, denim will certainly remain a closet must-have for many years and generations to come.

Dark wash jeans are also a recent staple of a stylish wardrobe as they can dial up the edginess of any standard look or tone down some of the vibes of a radical outfit.

What makes denim, especially a dark wash, a major go-to, you may ask?

  •  Hands down, denim looks good no matter what season you wear them in.
  • The flattering elements of a dark wash denim elevate a standard pair of jeans and turn it into a dressier look than a light wash pair, making it perfect from office attire to an evening out on the town.
  • Denim is also extremely comfortable and forgiving, so not only will you look fantastic pairing it with your other stylish pieces, but you will feel great wearing them too.

When looking for specific dark wash jean colors and finishes, the following are the most stylish selections:

  • Raw denim - Typically described as unwashed and often referred to as dry denim, this dark wash denim style is known for its dark blue color. The raw denim is supposed to create the fresh from the mill, unprocessed look.
  • All-over tinting - This look is created when different denim dyes have been added to the washing process for the jean. Using its different tints of green and brown, this final look gives off a greenish or brown hue to the overall look. 
  • Rinse wash - The most basic wash for dark denim, the rinse wash is used to make the jean wearable. This is accomplished by removing dye residue from the jean to help stop the color from running. In doing so, this wash makes the jeans feel softer while still maintaining a polished look. 
  • Black/grey - Black and grey denim goes through a similar traditional blue dying process but uses black and grey dyes instead.


The timelessly elegant and highly esteemed LBD, or little black dress for those of you who are unaware, is another stylish staple that should be hanging nicely in your closet.

The Little Black Dress is the quintessential cocktail dress and has been since cocktail parties were invented. However, you can definitely wear it for other stylish occasions that call for more formal wear.

In recent years, the LBD has taken on a more edgy style by being paired with such staples as the leather jacket, the knee-high boot, and the tweed jacket.

The LBD has such a timeless and classic look due to the following reasons.

  • A short hemline that would hit right above the calf.
  • Straight shape that’s decorated diagonally.
  • Minimalistic in shape.

Even though the little black dress has gone through many unique iterations, such as designing it with patterns, colors, and different textures, it’s basic design is what makes it so stylish and a must-have for your closet. 

Ankle Boots

Another style staple for your wardrobe is the more modern ankle boot.

This versatile, flattering, and practical length style makes these boots stylish because they can amplify many different looks. 

The ankle boot is fashionable whether you’re rocking a dress, skirt, skinny or bootcut denim, or even a sleek jumpsuit. 

The ankle boot can come in a variety of styles to diversify your wardrobe, such as the following:

  • Wedge 
  • Oxford 
  • Flat
  • High heel
  • Monk strap
  • Open-toed

So if you are already a collector of knee-high or riding boots, adding in the ankle boots will definitely and stylishly switch up your boot footwear.

Other Types of Designer Footwear

It should go without saying that every fashionable garment should be paired with great footwear to take it to luxury status.

However, if you’ve only ever sworn to wear standard flats or tennis shoes, you are seriously missing out on the different types of shoes that you can incorporate into your look.

Let’s breakdown some of those types of heels and why you need them:

  • Pumps - The classic pump is a great heel, no matter who is rocking it. You can wear them with any length of dress, or pair them with a dark wash jean or a loose blouse; the possibilities are endless.
  • Animal print - Go bold by incorporating visually stunning prints like cheetah, leopard, snake, or crocodile to amp up your style.
  • Stilettos - The timeless and sexy stiletto can is another way to not only make your legs look amazing but also to dress up any casual look.

By having different types of footwear, you will have infinite options to don different styles to show off your own personal style. 

Chic Slacks

We’ve talked about how you should definitely have a dark wash jean in your closet, but let’s talk about adding in more stylish pants.

We’re talking about adding in a couple of pairs of really chic slacks.

The following are some great types chic slack staples to add to your closet:

  • Wide leg - Wide leg slacks are a great way to elongate your legs or give them a more unified look.
  • Pleated - This contemporary slack consists of folds (pleats) into the fabric, which are then attached to the waistband, giving them a finished, contoured look.
  • Straight leg - If you are looking for something more straight leg and uniform, definitely opt for straight leg slacks. 
  • High rise - High rise slacks are great for flattening stomachs so you can control your problem areas. They also create a sleek, long look as well. 

You don’t have to stick to jeans or khakis, although there are fashionable items in their own right, as your pant go-to’s.

Have some fun and mix up your style by incorporating these unique slacks into your closet.

The Wrap Dress

The fabulous wrap dress is noteworthy because it will always fit and flatter you no matter what shape or size you are, due to the characteristic that you can loosen it up to accommodate your comfortability and shape.

The v-neckline also works to the advantage of your shape, including those who have a bigger bust and want a piece that will flatter and expose it tastefully.

In addition to this, the wrap dress also serves to cinch at the waist, which creates a beautiful hourglass figure on any body type.

You can also play around with the fabric if you are worried it may accentuate your stomach by tying the straps at the back or the side, rather than on the front of the dress.   

The wrap dress has a chameleon type feature where you can wear it as a professional office look, semi-casually as a brunch outfit, or even as formalwear to a wedding.

The wrap dress also works fabulously with almost any time of accessories such as jewelry, handbags, and any type of footwear. 

Embrace Your Own Unique Style

When creating your stylish wardrobe, you don’t have to totally reinvent your own sense of personal style.

In fact, many of the pieces we mentioned above probably appear in some version already in your closet; you may just need an update on those classics.

The bottom line is to definitely make sure you have the following pieces in your closet the next time you do a style inventory:

  • Designer Handbags - Whether it be a clutch, crossbody, tote, or satchel, make sure you accessorize your favorite look with these stylish handbags.
  • Classic White T-Shirt - The blank canvas of the fashion world, select a designer quality classic white to go with anything.
  • Dark Wash Jeans - These traditionally casual pieces have the versatility to be dressed up or down, so definitely have a pair in your closet for any occasion. 
  • LBD - The sexy and classy little black dress can be taken out for more than just a cocktail party.
  • Ankle Boots - Blend in a couple of different styles of ankle boots in your closet to diversity your boot collection. 
  • Various Footwear - With so many different options out there for stylish footwear, you’re doing yourself a disservice by only sticking to one type. 
  • Chic Slacks - Pants can be stylish and either dressed up or dressed down, especially if you grab a pair of wide-leg, plaid, or high-waisted trousers. 
  • The Wrap Dress - The wrap dress looks great on any body type and is the epitome of feminine wear. 

You know your own style better than anyone else and are the one in charge of your style transformation.

By taking on a trendier look mixed in with your own unique style, you will be sure to turn heads when you step out of the closet and into the streets when you debut your new and updated collection.  


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