Leather Backpacks: Back in Style

If you’re looking for the next big trend in backpacks, look no further than the classic and versatile leather backpack.

This classic and durable leather backpack is extremely in style right now because of its timelessness look in addition to being a multi-functional piece that you can match up with any ensemble, regardless of what look you are going for.

Leather backpacks, in addition to being endlessly classy, are also a worthy investment for your wallet and your style.

Because leather is a strong and resilient fabric, if you care for it properly with regular leather maintenance, you can make it last a lifetime and longer.

If you’re looking to add some new pieces to your leather handbags, shoes, and jackets, definitely add a leather backpack to your wardrobe. 

So, let’s indulge in our love of leather and review some of the stylish leather backpacks out there that you will run, not walk, to add to your collection. 

Why You Should Love Leather (If You Don’t Already)

Leather should be a staple of every stylish wardrobe because it can quite literally go with anything and can take a look from drab to fab in an instance.

If you aren’t aware or maybe you just never thought of leather that way, we’d be more than happy to give you a rundown on why you should already have several pieces of leather in your closet:

  • Leather is extremely durable - Seriously, if taken care of properly, leather can last a lifetime and longer. So you can essentially be passing it down your favorite leather handbag as a family heirloom for generations to come, and, in a way, that is essentially immortalizing you too.
  • It looks great with pretty much everything - Leather can come in many different colors, but its primary brown hues make it a warm pop of color to any outfit you want to dress up or dress down. Leather is the answer.
  • It’s timeless and used for pretty much anything of quality - For furniture, shoes, etc,. leather is definitely the go-to fabric for quality design and make. 

So, this is why leather pretty much never goes out of style.

It’s such a versatile piece that designers are always coming up with new and stylish ways to work it into a new collection.

Which takes us to our next leather obsession...

Leather Backpacks

If you have been sleeping on leather backpacks, you need to take a step back and reevaluate them because they are the hottest style trend that is blowing up right now.

They are also the perfect combination of beauty and utility because of the following features:

  • Multi-pocketed: Just like the classic backpack style, leather backpacks also feature multi-compartments for you to stash and carry all of your essentials and daily must-haves.
  • Timeless and chic style: Leather backpacks, especially leather in general, will never go out of style and always have that classic sleek look. 
  • The amount of things they can hold is seemingly infinite: Unlike its cousin, the messenger bag, the leather backpack is fit to carry more than just books or a laptop. If you’re looking for a stylish backpack that will accommodate your life on the go, leather backpacks are the way to go. 
  • They are useful for a variety of occasions: Whether you’re going on an early morning hike, into the office, or off to class, you can take your leather backpack anywhere and still be stylish.

If comfort is another thing you are worried about, since leather is breathable, it makes it one of the most comfortable fabrics out there.

Also, leather backpacks have the amazing ability to be stretchable enough to hold all your items without showing visible use, like other backpack fabrics that may show stretches in the seam or fabric stretching apart.

The leather backpack is such a great and stylish investment. 

It is so popular, in fact, that different iterations of it have already started to trend as well. 

Leather Mini Backpacks

Mini backpacks are very stylish right now due to the micro-bag look that is trending right now. 

For those of you who want something a little bit more lightweight but still has the same appeal as the leather backpack, the mini backpack is the perfect accessory for you.

Mini leather backpacks also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The ones that are trending the most right now are the following:

  • The micro leather backpack - As the hottest bag right now, many celebrities have been seen sporting the small backpack when they are out and about. The micro bag is super small, so you probably could only carry your trusty lipgloss and your cell phone, but what they lack in space, they definitely make up in stylishness.
  • The leather cellphone backpack: Our phones are our everything, and they deserve to travel in style like we do. This is where the leather cellphone backpack comes in. Definitely bigger than the micro backpack, the leather cell phone backpack can carry things such as a cell phone and wallet. You can wear it off the shoulder for a chic look or across both shoulders for the classic backpack look
  • The leather mini satchel backpack: If you are in love with your satchel handbags, you can totally get one in a mini leather backpack. The satchel bag is such a signature look because it consists of ornate buckles that fasten to close off the front flap to secure the main compartment. If you thought satchels looked amazing as a handbag, you will fawn over the mini versions as well. 

The new shrunk sizes for backpacks are perfect for throwing in just your essentials, so you aren’t weighed down. 

Practically every designer has a version of the mini leather backpack in their collection, and because of that, it has become a style staple for any fashion-forward look.

Leather Maintenance 

Although leather backpacks are super stylish, they do require care to keep them looking crisp.

Make sure you are taking care of your leather backpack as regularly as possible because they do require some maintenance, but it’s definitely not as bad or intense as you may think.

First off, make sure you never, EVER, use any of the following chemicals to clean or polish your leather backpack:

  • Acetone - The same ingredient found in nail polish remover, using this chemical on your leather can do some major damage like drying it out and discoloring or ruining the grain fibers of your leather backpack. Leave this in your closet for mani-pedi days and keep it far, far away from your leather backpack.
  • Alcohol - Thought to be a cheap and convenient disinfectant, which it generally is, alcohol can be extremely harsh on your leather backpack. Alcohol has a stripping agent, which means that it can strip away everything it touches, including the color and moisture in your leather backpack. So, it’s safe to say you really should only use it for its intended purposes like treating cuts and wounds and definitely not on your leather backpack.
  • Baby wipes - This is also a no-no for leather, no matter how “natural” the wipes claim to be, because let’s be real, are you there at the factory watching them be made to know for sure only the good stuff is going in it? Most likely not, so skip the baby wipes for leather backpack maintenance.
  • Bleach - It should be a no-brainer that you should never, ever, ever, ever, use bleach on your leather backpack to clean it. It should go without saying that using bleach can discolor your leather backpack and just ruin it altogether. We don’t care if your grandmother or aunt swears by it, leave it behind in your cleaning cabinet. 
  • Vinegar - Another “home remedy,” vinegar is not only ineffective in disinfecting your leather backpack, but it can also damage the color and grain fibers like the other items on this list. Also, it’s powerful smell could mean that it gets stuck in your leather backpack, which means you’ll be carrying around a stinky leather backpack.

Now that we discussed all the things you should not use to clean your leather backpack, let’s discuss what you can definitely use:

  • Mild or organic soaps - Opt for something gentle like dish soap or something organic. Definitely be sure that you read the ingredients because if it has any weird chemicals that you can’t pronounce or any of the ingredients we listed above, it’s best to put it back. Try finding a soap or cleaner that has very little ingredients in it.
  • Soft, microfiber cloth - Definitely choose a very soft and non-abrasive cloth like a microfiber cloth when you are cleaning your leather backpack. Anything harsh like a paper or bath towel can cause marks and tears in the leather. You can also use a cotton cloth as well if you want something more organic. Just make sure that the cloth is as smooth as possible with little to no raised ridges that could cause nicks.
  • A conditioning agent - After you wash your leather backpack gently with the mild/organic soap mixture and you have let it air dry, you will want to get a conditioning balm to massage into the leather to keep it moisturized and keep it from drying out. A conditioning balm will also act as a defense from potential tears and stains, so it’s great to use every couple of months between cleaning to keep your leather backpack looking sharp.

Also, it’s a great rule of thumb not to overburden your leather backpack.

Although leather is breathable and can stretch in terms of holding all of your items, make sure you don’t stretch it out too much.

Because once leather is stretched out past its ability to extend its fabric, it can’t be stretched back to its original form. 

So be kind to your leather and make sure that you aren’t overloading it. 

The best way to do that is to grab a couple of different styles of leather backpacks to not only mix up your style but to rotate your leather backpacks out, so they all get the attention, love, and occasional rest that they deserve. 

Get In On This Fashion Trend Now 

Investing in a leather backpack will ensure that you are getting an accessory that you can mix and match with some of your favorite outfits.

Leather backpacks also come in a variety of styles like the micro-backpack, the leather cellphone backpack, or the mini leather satchel backpack to diversify your entire look.

Let’s review those leather backpack options again so you can start planning all your future looks around them:

  • Micro leather backpacks - The tiniest iteration of the leather backpack, these are extremely stylish as they can really add a subtle layer to your overall look.
  • Leather cellphone backpacks - Definitely a step up in size from the micro-backpack, the leather cellphone backpack is another simple way to carry your belongings while looking chic. 
  • The satchel leather backpack - The defining look of the leather backpack, the satchel leather backpack is when the elegant look of the satchel handbag is converted into a leather backpack. 

Also, don’t forget to take care of your leather. Since it is a natural fabric, it can get worn out or even tear if you don’t take care of it. By using some mild or organic soaps, a soft cloth, and a conditioning balm, you can be sure that your leather backpack will stand the test of time. 

So, what are you waiting for? The leather backpack is calling to be a part of your wardrobe, and we think you should answer because it would be a match made in style heaven. 





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