Premium Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

So, the office holiday party is coming up, and you’ve drawn the name of a really trendy lady for Secret Santa and need something special ASAP.

Or, maybe there’s a special woman in your life who has exquisite taste and seemingly has everything, and you’re concerned about getting her a special gift, especially one that she may or may not already have.

Well, you’re in luck because we are here to save you from this dilemma by passing along our premium gift guide for you to refer to while shopping for this premium woman. 

We have selected the following gifts below as premium gifts that she will gladly accept more, even if she already has it.

We also included some gifts we’re sure she wouldn’t ever think to get herself, which will also be a great way to surprise her.

Check out our carefully crafted list below to see what kind of hidden treasures you can find to purchase as a gift that will blow her away. 

Designer Travel Kit

You may think that the special woman you’re shopping for has everything, but we highly doubt that she has a designer travel kit that will elevate her travel comfort and style.

When looking for a travel kit, make sure it has the following to really make it a standout gift:

  • Eye mask - Make sure you look for fabric that has cooling properties so she can use it for her tired eyes for a real treat when traveling.
  • Head pillow - She’s definitely going to need a soft pillow to loosen up that stiff neck from flights, so make sure you choose a pillow that has memory foam for the ultimate comfortability.
  • A designer bag to organize it in - Definitely look for a designer bag made of a material like real leather to keep these belongings safe and sound until her next adventure.

If you have to buy these items separately, that is totally fine. Sometimes you can find high-end travel kits from reputable brands. And concerning the designer bag, you can always pick one up separately to compile everything in later. 

Designer Headphone Case

Is the lady you are shopping for a big techie or always has the latest trends in technology?

Well, if she is, definitely look into getting her a designer case for her headphones.

This would be a nice touch to her designer collection, especially if she already has designer coverings for her tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

One good rule of thumb is to see which type of designer brand she uses for all her other tech device coverings and go from there.

Most designer headphone cases are also made out of premiere and quality fabric like leather, so not only will her beloved tech devices look coordinated and fabulous; they will be safe from the elements as well. 

Premium Eyeglass Wear

Take note, everyone— a girl can NEVER have too many sunglasses or designer eyewear.

If you decide to go with picking up designer frames, glasses or sunglasses, make sure you know this woman’s taste and style.

Many of the same designers of handbags and high-end women’s clothing will also have a designer eyeglass wear line.

So, definitely pay close attention next time you’re around her and do some research into her favorite designer brands.

She’ll be thrilled to have matching designer eyeglass wear with her favorite accessories and outfits, we guarantee it. 

Mini Designer Bag

We’re going to assume this lucky lady receiving your premium gift probably already has a ton of designer handbags, which we can totally respect. That’s our kind of lady, too.

But what she may not have is one of the uber-trendy mini designer bags that are so hot right now.

If you’re not sure what a mini designer bag, we’re happy to give you some defining characteristics to look for:

  • Mini backpacks: Like the standard backpack, the mini backpack is great for carting around all day. They come in a smaller form and are very fashionable because they are chic enough to go with any outfit but multifunctional for storage on the go. 
  • Micro bag: If you think the mini backpack is small, the micro bag is even smaller than that. It typically comes with a small handle or a clasp connected to a pouch that is usually only big enough for a small wallet, a smartphone, or your trusty lipgloss. This may sound absurd, but these bags are definitely très chic, and the woman you are shopping for will absolutely love it.
  • Crossbody bag: The crossbody bag is also experiencing a very trendy accessory moment as well. Typically worn on one shoulder and laying diagonally across the body, the crossbody bag is great if she wants something a little more casual and hands-free. 

If you aren’t sure about which type of mini designer bag to get, you definitely have options, and no matter which one you choose, she’ll definitely love it.

Feather Scarf

Accessories are one thing women will never have enough of.

With all the ways you can use a scarf to mix, match, and create new looks, we promise the woman you’re shopping for will always appreciate any new pieces for her collection.

One accessory item she may not have is a feather scarf.

These luxurious and soft scarfs can gussy up any classic outfit or tone down one that needs an accessory to offset its ornateness.

Plus, they are soft, especially if made with real feathers, and who doesn’t want quality soft scarves?

High End Luggage

Ask any woman, and she will most likely tell you she collects luggage like she collects her favorite designer handbags.

And we can see why. When you travel, it’s extremely stylish to mix up your luggage for different trips, especially if you are going somewhere new and exotic, or even if you’re traveling domestically.

High-end luggage puts the fun back into traveling, and we all know how hard that is to do.

A woman can have a lot of fun designing whole outfits around their luggage, especially when they are picking their stylish travel outfits.

Banking on high-end luggage as a premium gift will be a special treat, especially for the travel-savvy recipient. 

Fur Throw Blanket

In general, do we ever really have enough throw blankets? Your answer is probably no, and we definitely agree. 

Cozy blankets are something we never really think about indulging ourselves with until they are given as presents.

By giving her a cozy throw blanket, she can lounge with on her #selfcare days will be an unexpected but welcomed treat.

If you want to turn the premium up a notch, try finding throw blankets made of authentic fur so that it is exceptionally soft and comfortable. If you’re not into using real fur, a faux fur blanket can be just as soft and luxurious. 

Quality Sheets

This woman you’re shopping for probably has fine taste in clothes, handbags, and various other things, but maybe she doesn’t have quality bed sheets.

Although there is nothing wrong with buying a jersey, polyester, or a cotton blend, sheets with a high thread count can up your sleeping experience exponentially.

If you really want to treat this special woman, get her some bedsheets with quality fibers.

Not sure what kind of thread count to look for? Try looking for the following:

  • Egyptian 
  • Pima 
  • Bamboo
  • Organic Cotton

These types of materials are organic and don’t have a blend of synthetic materials that will make it rough on the skin or wear out over time.

So not only will she love quality bed sheets to sleep on, she will love the fact they will last her for the foreseeable future. This is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Tech Based Wake Up Alarm Clock

One innovative gift that most people, even those with the most premium taste, don’t think about is the trendy tech-based wake-up alarm clock.

You may be thinking, “Why would I give her an alarm clock? Nobody likes an alarm clock, especially as a gift,” and we get why you would think that, but let us explain why this type of alarm clock is a game-changer.

Called Smart Alarms, these clocks use the latest technology to make waking up slightly less dreadful and a more natural and easy process.

Smart Alarms are able to accomplish this with the following features:

  • Ability to personalize a sleep routine so that the sleeper goes to sleep, stays asleep, and wakes up refreshed. 
  • Select a variety of soothing lights and sounds to assist with the falling and staying asleep process and make it easier to get up by mimicking the natural rise and fall of sunlight.
  • Plays wind down content to help the sleeper fall asleep naturally. 
  • Functionality that helps with cortisol level, the chemical our bodies use to make us sleep.

Giving someone the gift of a good’s night sleep is always luxurious, no matter who it is for, and is definitely something she probably hasn’t heard about or was even aware of.

Quality Water Bottle

This may seem a little far fetched, even as a premium gift, but we promise this is probably the most useful and luxury gift you can give a woman with fine taste.

Let us explain.

Many water bottles are made out of harmful materials like BPA or weird plastics that are bad for your health.

With a push for everyone to become eco-friendly, getting a quality water bottle is good for you and the environment.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a list of quality properties to look for in a premium water bottle:

  • Stainless steel - Stainless steel is excellent for quality water bottles because it doesn’t have harmful chemicals and will also keep your contents cold or hot as it is a good conductor for both.
  • Double insulation - Water bottles that have double insulation will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. No more lukewarm grossness for this lucky lady!
  • Reusability - The best quality of all, a reusable water bottle will mean less plastic going into the earth, and she can use it over and over again for all her drinks. 

Hopefully, we have converted you from thinking reusable water bottles are an unconventional gift. 

In fact, you should pick yourself up one, too, and you and this special lady can have matching quality water bottles, if that won’t be weird, of course. You’ve got a better gauge of that relationship, so we’ll let you make that call.

But either way, we’re huge proponents of those who invest in quality water bottles. 

Shop For that Premium Gift With Confidence

See? There’s no reason to freak out; we’ve got you covered with our guide, and now you are ready to go out there and purchase a quality gift that will make her speechless. We definitely hope you’re sweating a whole lot less and are excited about your gift-giving prospects. 

In addition to this guide, another good rule of thumb is the following:

  • Purchase a gift with quality materials like leather or memory foam. You can almost always get a premium gift with anything made of those materials.
  • Know what she likes. Giving her something from her favorite designer or brand will show her that you care enough to pay attention and get her something that you know likes.
  • Shop around and see what other options are for quality gifts. If you’re not completely satisfied with what we recommended, that’s totally understandable. Try doing your own research as well, and you will be sure to find other premium gifts out there on the market.

Shopping for someone who you know has great taste doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion.

As well all know, the thoughtfulness of giving a gift is usually always paramount to the actual gift itself, so we think you definitely got this and will up the ante for gift-giving for years to come. 


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