The Leather Crossbody: Stunning Crossbody Bags

If you are an owner of an extensive designer handbag collection but want to branch out to include different types of bags, you should definitely check out one of the hottest trends right now— the leather crossbody bag.

Not only is it extremely stylish, but it is a hands-free accessory that allows you to go about your day without using those pesky handles.

For those who are unaware, the following are great qualities of the crossbody leather bag:

  • It looks effortless - Instead of lugging around your handbag all the time, give those hands a break and show off a simpler look with a leather sling bag.
  • It goes with anything - Trust us, it looks great no matter what you wear, and there are also different styles out there if you are looking to craft a specific look.
  • Leather is an amazing fabric for a crossbody - Since leather is a great, malleable material, you can wear a leather crossbody bag around your body comfortably. 

Just put the strap diagonally across your body, and you can head out to take on the day.

There are different types of leather crossbody bags that will be stunning additions to your collection.

We’ve got the best styles listed below for you to experiment with and play with your unique style. 

Fringe Bag

This throwback 1970’s staple has proven to have a long shelf life when it comes to its fashion legacy.

The fringe bag features leather material that fringes off of the bag that sways with your every movement. 

Considered one of the more playful and youthful bags, the fringe bag perfectly encapsulates the hippie spirit of the 70s era in a fun and modern way. 

Bucket Bag

Another stunning leather crossbody bag is the uniquely designed and head-turning bucket bag.

The Bucket Bag gets its namesake from its bucket-like shape and features that include the following:

  • Rounded base
  • Drawstring cinched opening
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Decorative drawstring straps

The bucket bag’s unique look is further accentuated by its leather material. 

Baguette Bag

A fashion staple since it was shown by Carrie Bradshaw’s side in Sex and the City, the baguette bag has been extremely popular as either a clutch or a crossbody bag since the early 2000s.

Named for its elongated and compact shape that takes a similar shape to the famous French bread, the baguette bag is made more stunning with its classic leather fabric design.

Canteen Bag

The uniquely circular canteen bag gets its namesake from the design of traditional canteen bottles that were and are still used for quenching your thirst.

Made from leather fabric, this crossbody designer bag is characterized by its tassels, thin adjustable strap, top zipper access, and round handbag compartment. 

Saddle Bag

This equestrian-themed leather crossbody bag is a petite, horseshoe-shaped bag with a flip cover that is either fastened with a buckle or a clasp.

Originally used as a pouch that would hang from either side of the saddle of a horse, the saddlebag remains original in shape as is one of the ultimate chic crossbody bags. 

Messenger Bag

The mother of all leather crossbody bags, the messenger bag is the go-to leather crossbody bag for any fashionista, those looking for a functional crossbody bag, or those who want both.

Also known as a courier bag, the messenger bag is a type of sack, usually made of leather and sometimes cloth.

Some of its defining features include:

  • One-armed shoulder strap
  • Adjustable strap that goes over the chest and lower back

Because of these qualities, the messenger bag has continued to be a timeless and classic crossbody leather bag.

Chain Strap Bag

The chain strap bag is a crossbody handbag made from fabrics such as leather and suede.

What distinguishes this chain strap bag from other crossbody bags is that it is often designed with a chain strap that can be draped across the body.

The leather chain strap bag traditionally comes with a flap cover as well, either in a satchel or envelope form. 

Satchel Bag

The satchel leather bag, as you guessed it, is designed to be a crossbody leather bag of the traditional satchel handbag.

Although some may confuse the satchel bag with the saddle bag, there are some key differences:

  • More buckles - The satchel crossbody bag takes a lot of the features from its satchel handbag origin and brings it over to the crossbody design.
  • Comes with a handle - Although a crossbody bag usually consists of a singular shoulder strap, the leather satchel crossbody bag also has a one or two-sided handle in case you want to switch from over the shoulder to carrying it like a traditional handbag. 

Leather Shopper Bag

A variation of the tote bag, the leather shopper bag can also be used as a stylish crossbody leather bag.

Because of its two-strap design and an open compartment in the core bag itself, this type of bag makes it super easy to sling across the shoulders or across your body for a very bohemian look.

Also, because the crossbody straps have an easy grip, they can also be used as handles if you want to go from a crossbody top handle bag look.

Triple Zipper Bag 

If you are looking for more zippers and compartments for your crossbody bag, look to checking out the triple zipper leather bag.

As its name implies, this type of bag has individualized triple zipper compartments that let you play with various ways that you can adorn your leather crossbody bag.

So, not only will you have a visually stunning leather crossbody bag, you’ll have plenty of subtle compartments for all your daily essentials.

Camera Bag

Who says you have to have a camera to use a camera bag as a crossbody bag? We certainly don’t think so.

In fact, these no-fuss bags are perfect for those who are trying to cultivate a more minimalistic look.

Large yet small enough to fit a standard single-shot camera, you can definitely use the simplicity of the bag’s design to your style advantage.

Certain camera bags even have double-sided compartments for you to zip away and travel necessities.

So, don’t think you can’t use a camera bag if you’re not using it for a camera because you definitely can! 

Half-Moon Bag

These visually interesting, crescent-shaped bags are not only adorable but stylish too.

This clean, sleek, and hardwareless design makes it a very simple and subtle leather crossbody bag choice for your more classic style.

These comfy and uniquely designed pieces can also be styled with leather fringe or tassels, so you can essentially add on to really layer your look. 

Cell Phone Crossbody Wallet

Another minimalist crossbody bag added to our list is the cellphone leather crossbody wallet combo.

This is a stylish way to hold your cards, cash, smartphone, and other small things like your favorite lipgloss or a perfume atomizer.

And with its strap design, you won’t have to worry about keeping it in your pocket or handbag. You can simply slip it over your shoulder to cross it around your body if you want to travel light and only have the necessities on you.

Hat Box Bag

Shaped like the old-fashioned hat boxes you’re probably seen hidden in your grandmother’s closet, these bags definitely come with a nostalgic feel.

These crossbody leather bags feature a round, deep shape which is used as a card shelled bag as a throw-back classic style staple. 

Hobo Bag

The Hobo Bag consists of a slouchy shape and typically has a long flat shoulder strap and scooped center for easy carrying on your shoulders. 

This unisex bag is perfect as a crossbody due to its relaxed fit and design, giving you a very casual spin to any outfit. 

Woven Bag

This type of crossbody leather bag is notable for featuring a woven leather design across the entire exterior of the bag. 

Traditionally, the woven bag was made with straw until designers saw that it not only looked more elegant with woven leather but was more durable, too.

With this, the modern woven leather crossbody bag that we know and love today was born. 

Barrel Bag

The Barrel Bag is a spherical crossbody bag with notable barrel-shaped compartments. 

Its barrel shape definitely makes it a conversation-starter piece along with its uniquely designed interior compartments.

Laptop Bag

Also a cousin of the messenger bag family, the laptop bag is designed to be a leather crossbody bag to stylishly carry around your laptop or other similar tech devices.

The straps are adjustable, which means you can customize it to fit your frame more comfortably.

And, of course, they are super stylish. Many come with a top zipper opening and sleek front and back compartments for all your tech accessories like chargers, headphones, stylus, and other tech essentials. 

Trunk Bag

Traditionally worn by mountain or street bikers, you can still make this cylinder pouch crossbody bag very stylish as it can give your look an athletic and urban edge. 

The trunk bag is shaped like a mini trunk that can be carried slung around your side, which is even more chic. 

It doesn’t hurt that you can use it on your bike, which will give your whole athletic style an ever more urban edge. 

Grab Your Own Leather Crossbody

Take it from us. You are definitely missing out if you don’t have a leather crossbody bag already. Think of all the stylish looks you can pull off with the types of crossbody bags we listed.

And you certainly have plenty of options to do so. You can get a delicious look with the baguette bag, get the equestrian look with the saddle bag, keep it nostalgic with the hatbox bag, or try something unique and different with the half-moon shaped bag.

The choice is completely yours to mix, match, and pair these types of bags with your favorite outfits.  

You know your style best from anyone else, and these crossbody bags are here to give a helping hand so you can put your best crossbody bag forward. 


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