Travel totes: Travel in Style

Are you planning for your next big trip but are unsure of what to bring, let alone carry with you while you travel?

Traveling can take a lot of people, and we understand that getting ready for it can be a chaotic task. Especially if you are planning on traveling with small children (we actually cover how you can be stylish and still have a functional bag later on) or just making sure that you have your flight itinerary ready and that you’re ready to deal with that long and dreaded TSA line. 

When looking for a travel bag, you definitely need to consider the following:

  • Features - Does it have enough space and secure compartments for all of your belongings?
  • Durability - Will this travel bag last not only for my entire trip but for all my trips in the future?
  • Size - You don’t want to look like your bag is bursting at the seams, as that is definitely a sign it’s time to retire it to the travel bag retirement center in your closet or recycled (we suggest the latter if it’s in really bad shape). 

You probably already have a travel pack in mind and are already thinking about what kind of suitcase to bring, or maybe you’re even thinking about using a backpack.

Where there is definitely nothing wrong with any of those travel items, may we propose something a little more modern, stylish, and just plain great and hassle-free to have?

Why We Love Travel Totes

Planning for a travel trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be either stressful or exhilarating. You’re either finally able to go to the conference your boss has been mulling over for months or taking a very much needed vacation.

Either way, you probably have a lot of your mind planning out your trip with all the logistics, such as flight information, what to pack, rental car, and hotel reservations.

But the one thing you definitely shouldn’t be concerned about is how stylish your travel tote will look, whether walking to or from your terminal or down the hotel hallways. 

If you’re the old-school type and think that you should only travel with boring pieces of luggage, we’re here to share the gospel of the powers and wonders of the travel tote:  

  • Tote bags have an easy grip and over the shoulder straps that make long days on the go easy on your body.
  • Totes also come in a variety of sizes so you can choose one that works best for you and your work needs, whether that be something smaller to keep you to cut down on clutter or spacious enough to carry everything you need throughout the day.
  • Totes are praised for how lightweight they can be due to the various fabrics that allow them to work for you instead of against you. 

We totally understand that when you travel, you want all of your items to be safe and sound and will get from point A to point B with little to no frustration.

We all want to make sure you are not only organized but prepared for whatever lays ahead for our travels. But functional doesn’t mean boring, and we’re here to tell you can get the best of both worlds.

The best of the best travel totes out there are not only functional no matter what your travel experience is but are also extremely stylish too.

Shopper Bag

This stylish rectangle-shaped bag is typically used for shopping, but that’s definitely not all you can use it for.

Definitely consider this as your next travel tote due to its forgiving size and comfortable large straps that will make going in and out of terminals not only more stylish but more comfortable.


The weekender is another tote travel bag that is great for traveling with style.

The weekender is characterized by a large fabric or leather bag that can store enough items for a short term travel and weekend trips. 

It typically features a rectangular base and is fastened by a top zipper, so it’s forgiving enough for all the things you need to travel with. 

Hobo Bag

The hobo bag is also another great travel bag if you want to travel in style.

This signature travel tote features a relaxed and baggy shape and typically has a long flat shoulder strap with a scooped center, which makes it very easy for carrying.

Trapezoid Bag

Designed exactly like the shape, the trapezoid tote is a great stylish travel tote because of its unique look, which will definitely turn heads at the terminal. 

The Canvas Tote

Made from canvas, this tote can also be uniquely stylish with its classic clean canvas look and material pliable enough to hold all your travel necessities and more.

It can also go with anything, so if you want a standard tote bag that will blend in with the scene, this is your best bet.

The Nylon Tote

Nylon tote bags are great for travel because they can seemingly withstand the elements, and the fabric is forgiving enough that you can go crazy storing everything you need for your travel adventures.

Nylon is also easy to clean, so if you have an early morning flight and you accidentally spill your latte during your morning fogginess, the nylon material will protect your belongings from getting damaged. 

The Quilted Tote

The quilted tote is made famous by its exterior quilted design, which gives it a very visceral texture that will add layers to your travel style. 

Quilted totes don’t have to look like your grandmother’s bedspread either. You can get them in various colors and patterns and choose whatever suits your style needs best. 

The Reversible Tote

The reversible tote gives you the option to invert it so you can play around with your travel style aesthetics.

Just turn it inside out, and you’ll have a brand new tote that you can pair with so many different styles.

This is especially great if you want a day to night look to switch up your style. By simply inverting the tote bag, you’ll have created a whole new tote and can use many different design inspos to rock a corresponding outfit to match. 

The Duffel Tote

The classic and reliable handheld duffel can also be used as a tote, which is great as a traveling feature because you can hook it either over your shoulders or on your rolling luggage for a stylish duo, fashion-packed luggage feature. 

The Structured Tote

This is the image most of us have when we think about a designer tote.

The simple one compartment, two shoulder handle, and strap combo give this classic tote a very clean and minimalistic feel. 

Foldable Totes

Looking for a tote you can fold up to save on space? Look no further than the foldable tote.

Typically made out of nylon or a synthetic blend, the foldable tote’s material is thin, allowing you to fold it up into a small form or bag so you can save it for later when you need it again. 

Diaper Bag Tote

We’re here to say that diaper bags can be stylish totes, especially for the traveling mom.

We get that traveling with kids isn’t always the easiest, or glamorous, of adventures. However, we still feel like you can definitely still travel in style and with a designer diaper bag, no less.

The numerous compartments and easy two handle straps make it very easy to carry, especially when you have kids to carry. 

Your Travel Tote Style Should be a Reflection of You

Definitely consider this when you are shopping around for your perfect travel totes as you know your style best from anyone else.

You may not be into leather, straw, or foldable totes, and that is totally A-OK. Everyone has their own style, and we totally respect that.

Give it a chance and try these different tote bags out to get a feel as to whether or not you think they work best for you and your style.

Things to Look for In a Travel Tote

While all these options are great, it is also good to remember that there are a couple of key features you will need to be looking for in your next travel tote.

While all the styles we talked about earlier are great travel tote styles, let’s turn our focus to what you should be looking for in a stylish tote bag:

  • Durable, yet stylish materials - Go for leather if you can because not only is leather breathable, and just looks professional all around. If you’re looking for other materials to switch it up, definitely look for tote bags made of suede as well for more fabrics with polished looks.
  • Size matters - When selecting your next stylish tote, consider what size you need it in so you can prepare for your upcoming travels.
  • Make your trip easier, not harder - At the end of the day, you need a travel tote that will accommodate your travel needs, such as adequate compartments, accessibility, convenience, and quality. You want your travel tote to be the last thing you worry about when you are neck-deep in a sea of planning. 
  • A style that stands out from the rest - Once you get all the technicality out of the way, at the end of the day, you need a travel tote that exuberates your personal style. Show the world what your style is, which will be easy to do when you’re traveling. 

Now that you have a handy-dandy trusty guide, you should have no problem picking out your next stylish travel tote.

And you should be excited too! This gives you the opportunity to go wild and explore some bold or subtle looks. You may even find yourself creating new looks solely based around your new stylish tote.

We are so excited about all the different stylish totes you will add to your collection.

Bon voyage


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