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Posted on March 27, 2015 by Tony Drockton | 0 comments

Hammitt's Trip to Zion National Park, as told by Hammitt's CEO, Tony Drockton. 

We celebrated our best show ever and started our road trip with a traditional SoCal favorite, In-And-Out.   With the smell of fresh cut fries and an animal style burger in each of our hands, we whisked up the 15 in our 300M. Sunroof open, music blasting and smiling wide, in preparation for 24 hours of mind and body rehabilitation at Zion Park.   

As we approached a fork in the road, we stopped to take in the view from the bridge and climbed down beneath to play on the rocks.   

We prepared for our urban assault carefully after arriving at the cabin. Flashlights, check. Hacky Sack, check. Frisbee, check. Nail files? Uh, sure, check.  Not sure if we needed all this stuff, but you never know when a good game of Yahtzee will break out on a mountain!

110 again!  We knew the luck was upon us when our room number was 110, which happens to also be our Hammitt House suite number and our new Vegas retail flagship address. Add in the fact that our top selling wallet is called the 110 and you have magic happening. 

An iPhone buzz at 3:30am ignited our journey to enjoy the night sky of Zion and await the sunrise. No one told us how cold it would be, but hey, nature has a way of surprising you.  With time-lapse mode set, I recorded the rise in all its beauty as the canyon walls lit up and clouds zoomed overhead.   

As we arrived back down the mountain, we were greeted by a friend just above on the ridge.  A local Ram.  The Chinese New Year was today and it was passing off from Year of the Horse to Year of the Ram. As I am a Horse and I had enjoyed the fruits of luck that this past year has brought, I took a moment to pass the baton and wish my new friend well in the year to come.  

With no time for long goodbyes, Francisco and I air hugged our team on our way back to Vegas. After the standing ovation our newest collection received at the show by our buyers, press, and our peers, we were super charged for our opening of Hammitt's first retail store on the Las Vegas Strip. 



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