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Germantown, TN

Fun Fact about city or boutique: 

Since the first retail store opened in Germantown, TN in 1830, the City of Germantown has been a haven of style and fashion for the Mid-South. Dazzle has been elevating gift giving, accessories, handbags and jewelry with the hottest designers and brands since 2007!

How long have you been carrying Hammitt?

Hammitt has been part of our family of brands since the beginning of 2015. 

What is your favorite Hammitt and why? 

Cross- body to shoulder bag, the versatility of Hammitt goes from day to night with the flip of a strap. The perfect travel bag! Paul is the staff favorite- larger than Tony and smaller than the Little Santa Monica, the scale works perfectly for day-to-night convenience. 

Why Hammitt loves Dazzle?

"Let me tell you something about Dazzle one of our newest Hammitt boutiques, they know what they are doing! They took the leap with us this past spring and swam like Michael Phelps with the collection all season long. This was Hammitt’s first exposure in the Memphis area and I must say we felt the warm Southern welcome. They were always calling for more merchandise! Dazzle featured Hammitt in television  ads for Mothers day and it drove even more customers into their stores. For Fall, Dazzle will have the largest assortment of Hammitt in their region! " - Jim Sontag, East Coast Account Manager



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