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Posted on June 29, 2015 by Amanda Hutchinson | 0 comments


City: Pittsburgh, PA

Fun Fact about city or boutique: 

Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, Italy! 

How long have you been carrying Hammitt?

Splurge has been carrying Hammitt for 2 years now, since we opened. People travel from all over PA just to see our extensive assortment!

What is your favorite Hammitt and why? 

My favorite is the Strip. I think it is the quintessential Hammitt bag. Easy to wear every day, yet sophisticated enough for the evening. Eye catching for sure. You will receive compliments any time you wear it out! Each and every Hammitt customer becomes an unknowing ambassador for the brand! You'd be surprised at how many boutique owners discover Hammitt on their customers and fall so in love with the look that they buy the collection having never seen the bags in person. The compliments our customers receive make them beam. They feel great about their purchase and they like to share this excitement with their friends and other shop owners too! 

Why Hammitt loves Splurge?

"Owner Kym Pelcher of Splurge reached out to us after a similar encounter.  She might never have seen our collection in person to consider us for her beautiful gift shop because Hammitt does not show at gift shows. Hammitt admires Kym and Splurge for her passion and willingness to take chance on a collection like ours.  Kym is a professional with vision and is not afraid to follow her instincts, she is destined for lots of future success" -Jim Sontag, East Coast Account Manager



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