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A Day in the Life of Christen Press

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Amanda Hutchinson | 1 comment

A Day in the Life of Christen Press

Hammitt Handbag Fan Christen Press

Meet one of Hammitt's biggest fans, Christen Press. This South Bay native currently plays for the Chicago Red Stars and the United States Women's National Soccer Team, who recently won the 2015 Fifa World Cup. Christen took the time to talk with us in the midst of the national victory tour. Check out her interview below:

What is a typical day in the life of Christen Press?
A typical day looks like this: meditate, breakfast, training, rehab/recovery, lunch, yoga, write/interview, then social things/dinner. Unless I'm at home and then there are dog walks and dog playtimes included! 

How does it feel to be a World Cup Champion?

We have had an incredible reception from the World Cup and we are so proud! 

What is your favorite part of playing for the USWNT?

Being challenged every single day.

How do you balance work & life?

Balance is the hardest part of the job. We are away from our family and homes for 250 days of the year. I have so many things I'm passionate about outside of soccer: writing, yoga, meditation, food, dogs, Spanish, children... that I try to bring as many of the things I love with me wherever I go. And I force myself to make time for those things even when I'm exhausted from training and travel. I know that in the end being active and doing what I love gives me more energy than it takes.

What was your professional “AHA” moment?

I think the moment that the US women's professional league  (WPS) folding in 2012 was a very telling moment for me. I was not a part of the national team and left unemployed by a mass email. I had 5 days to decide if I wanted to continue playing overseas and find a team or if I wanted to move on with my life. I never really finished that sentence because in just a few days I was in Sweden playing for a new team.

What inspires you?

My family inspires me. I take a moment to think about them before every game and they are my first thought after the final whistle. 

How do you define your personal style?

Flirty meets its edge. I wear a lot of black. I love leather! 

What is always in your Hammitt?

My Hammitt wallet :) Some powder, tinted chapstick, and my iPhone.

What is your favorite Hammitt and why?

Right now I'm loving Joe clutch. It’s functional and stylish at the same time.



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