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A Day in the Life of Sam Saifer Berngard

Posted on August 28, 2015 by Amanda Hutchinson | 0 comments

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Hammitt brand ambassador, Sam Saifer Bergard is a woman of many talents. Berngard juggles running a successful cross platform communications agency and raising a beautiful baby boy! We wanted to know how she does it all without skipping a beat! Check out her interview below. 

1. What is a typical day in the life of Sam Saifer Berngard?
A standard day for me begins at 7 am when I race to make myself coffee and a bottle for my son before he wakes up. Then I attempt to get ready for a work out while entertaining him and keeping him out of the bathroom (we call it "independent play time"). As soon as we are both dressed, I hit my desk to check email just to make sure nothing crazy happened with a client over night. At 9 am, my nanny comes, and I attempt to take a work out class - I love Shred 415. It's Chicago's version of Barry's Boot Camp. I typically leave class 5-10 min early because my attention span is pretty short these days - I rush home to shower and change and get to Soho House for a day full of meetings and lunches. If I am lucky, I can have a friend come meet me for a glass of Rose on the roof-deck before I have to head home and relieve my nanny. On some nights, I will head home early and play with Brooklyn before going to a social event (most nights - one of my client's events or something I am hosting/coordinating). By the time I get in bed at night, I feel like I have run a full marathon and pass out fast! Wake up and do it all again the next day! 

2. How do you balance work & life?
Joe Clutch, Handbag, MomThis is the question I get asked the most, and every time I say it is something that I have worked really hard to achieve. I work endless nights and weekends so that I can take Friday off to spend with my son every single week. If I have an event at night, I make sure to be home during the day - even if I am working - it's much better if I can sneak a quick kiss or cuddle in between phone calls & email. My favorite time is being home with my husband and Brooklyn so I try to work hard so that when I am home we can all enjoy it and each other. I never really understood the meaning of balance before I had a child. I thought it just meant work hard and play hard. It still does, but I also have realized the value of putting my phone away when I am with my family and being present in the moment. There is nothing more important - life is too short and flies by too fast! 

3. What is your favorite part of the job?
I am the natural "social chair," - it is in my DNA to want to be out and about meeting & mingling with new people. I feel so lucky that I can make a living out of it AND help other businesses that I believe in thrive by doing so . . . I love connecting people, places, ideas, etc. I get to be creative and work with other creative people who say "yes" more than they say no. Nothing is better than that! 

I love working so much. People ask me all of the time why I work instead of staying home - I truly feel that my work is my own personal outlet and duals as "me time." I would go mad without it!
4. What was your professional and/or personal “AHA” moment?
Starting my own company was a huge moment for me, but I did not quite realize how big of a moment it was until I had my baby and I was able to work from home but still have a the same life I used to have and love - going out all the time, working with clients I love, etc. 
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I have my "aha" moment now - everyday - when I feel that I have achieved a balance in my life where I can run a successful business and spend time with my family. My "aha" moment is when I feel like I truly can have it all. 

5. What inspires you?
I am inspired by other motivated and creative people. I am inspired by making goals and aspiring to achieve them. There are so many young entrepreneurs out there doing wild & innovative things - I feel inspired every time I meet or work with one. 

6. How do you define your personal style?
Fringe, Blogger, Mom, HandbagMy personal style is definitely trendy (always has been) but also has quirky, classic, feminine, vintage vibes in the mix (if this makes sense?) My best friend told me the other day - if I were a man, I would totally dress like Jake Gyllenhaal or Jared Leto. Not sure what that truly means, but I will take it! 

7. How do you take a look from day to evening?
Planning events for the past 10 years has meant requiring looks that can take me day to night. I will wear anything to a meeting (excluding work out clothes) . . . so if I just add heels, funky jewelry, bright lipstick and a clutch (like my amazing Hammitt Joe Clutch) to my daytime look - I am generally good to go. 

8. Who is your style icon?
My mom has always given me my favorite additions to my wardrobe. From her gold sapphire engagement ring (that I never take off - too afraid of losing) to her 70's white key-hole wedding dress (that I wore as my second dress at my own wedding) and a pair of purple satin hot shorts she wore on her first date with my dad - I love everything she gives me. She is such a classic beauty! 
Currently I am also obsessed with everything Diane Kruger puts on her body. Did you see her look at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic? http://fashionista.com/2015/06/veuve-clicquot-polo-50-cent-diane-kruger
She is so sexy yet so classy. Her style is everything. 

9. What is your favorite Hammitt and why?

I am currently in love with the Earl Grey fringe hobo (Fets Fringe handbag) in the new Fall collection. It is big enough for the essentials: laptop, notebook, extra diapers but also can be great for evening as well. It's right on trend with the suede fringe, and I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the September issue of Vanity Fair Fanfair "That 70's Vibe" to find it featured! 



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