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A Bachelorette, NYC and Hammitt

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

After her time starring in The Bachelor franchise (which concludes another season tonight), Leah Block bought a one-way ticket to New York City, with a Hammitt in hand and excitement in the air. "I love how fast-paced and hard-working people [in the city] are," she says of the big move. "Life is just now beginning in New York City; when I'm walking down the street, I feel like this is my time to shine."

Leah Block

While Leah moved to NYC solo, she found herself surrounded by a great support system. "Bachelor Nation is great in the fact that it is a big family. You can go to any state and there is someone from The Bachelor who has an open door and a glass of wine for you if you want it." Often spotted around town with series favorites like Robby Hayes, Olivia Caridi, Izzy Goodkind, Lacey Mark and this season's stand-out, Corinne Olympios, Leah emphasizes that reality television includes an entire communal element the audience may not see. Leah and The Bachelor gang bond over social media, style and Leah's self-proclaimed passion, food. "My dream career is to work with food!" she exclaims. "I would love to host a show on the Food Network."

Leah's creative side shows both in the kitchen and her style - she transformed her favorite Hammitt, Pierce, by adding a Deluxe strap to the blocked leather bag.

After visiting our Chief Cheerleader Tony in NYC, Leah gave her answers to our signature Hammitt quiz. 

Leah Block

Leah's Lightening Quiz with Tony D: 

Sneakers or tennis shoes? Sneakers

Beer or champagne? Beer

Speed boat or sail boat? Sail Boat

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Crunchy

Baby back pack or stroller? Baby Back Pack

Mountains or Beaches? Mountains

SUV or Convertible? SUV

Cereal or Omelet? Both! I am more of a breakfast sandwich type of girl.

Window or Aisle seat? Window

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