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This One's For The Boss Babes...

Posted on January 10, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

Our designers have consciously vowed to dream up a Hammitt for every boss babe - whether you're just staring your career, conquering a long daily commute or balancing work at home with kids and carpool, a helping Hammitt hand is always in order. Here are a few styles we currently couldn't live without...

Olivia Rink wears Craig  here as a modern take on a briefcase or satchel, but when it comes time to navigate her way across Chicago for meetings and photoshoots, Olivia can quickly convert Craig into a backpack with two super strong, riveted straps.

Olivia Rink

If your career falls into a creative category like photography or graphic design, your dress code may be business casual - but like model Hannah Godwin, you know the power of impressing clients with a touch of polish. We've designed Oliver in buttery, sophisticated new leathers that stretch to hold your essentials while leaving a lasting impression.

Hannah Godwin

Last but not least, we've noticed a pattern lately...Boss babes with bumps can't stay away from Bryant. Part of the appeal for moms-to-be like Britt Fullwood? A thick strap can carry the weight of whatever essentials you need to pack in Bryant's roomy interior- perfect for the moment labor arrives and your life changes forever.

Britt Fullwood

Britt Fullwood



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