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Five Keys to Hammitt TLC

Posted on January 23, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 1 comment

When you invest in a Hammitt, you enter into the very best of long term relationships. Between a lifetime warranty and high quality materials that are meant to last, this will be an everlasting love - especially if you treat your bag to a little TLC from time to time. Use this post as your handy guide for taking care of a Hammitt, from love at first sight to little pick-me-ups. 

CARE KEY #1 | Learn to Love Your Dust Bag 

Every Hammitt arrives in a sleek black dust bag with silky drawstrings. Storing your Hammitt in its dust bag can help protect from color transfer, light exposure and fading, scratches, dust, and moisture. 

Hammitt Dust Bag

CARE KEY #2 | Use a Leather Protectant 

Coating your new Hammitt with a leather protectant is one smart move. Because we design Hammitt bags with ultra-soft leather, the material is rather porous and sometimes picks up what other fabrics are putting down (here's looking at you, denim). Leather protectants can also help defend your bag against any moisture it happens to encounter. It's a good idea to protect all of your bags, but preventative measures are especially helpful for light colored leathers like pewter. 

Mary Lauren Gunn

CARE KEY #3 | Condition and Clean with Cadillac 

If your leather looks a little worn from all those parties and road trips, a conditioner and cleaner can provide an at-home pick-me-up. We recommend Cadillac leather cleaner for quick treatment of water spots and general revitalization. Of course, sometimes your beloved bag might need an expert...

CARE KEY #4 | Contact a Leather Care Professional 

When it comes to keeping your Hammitt for a lifetime, leather care professionals are your allies! Any major stains from toddler tantrums, denim, sauces or spills are worth turning over to a local expert - we recommend contacting them as soon as you can after a big "oops." (Read their reviews on Yelp, and share your favorite expert with your girlfriends! They'll thank you forever - literally.) 

CARE KEY #5 | Take Advantage of Your Bag's Lifetime Warranty 

Speaking of allies, the team here at Hammitt is here for you, too. We're grateful that you chose to invest in quality, and your bag's lifetime warranty is our commitment to you. While we design with the highest quality materials, anything can happen. If a zipper breaks, a rivet cracks or a strap loop looses steam, simply snap a few photos and email wecare@hammitt.com. We'll get the ball rolling on a complimentary repair in 3-5 days. 



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Lisa Frazier
Lisa Frazier

January 24, 2018

I bought my third bag a couple of months ago I guess it’s the one with suede w grey croc leather n the very first time I carried the back of the bag where the Tan suede is started turning black n has only continued getting worse. Love the bag bug disappointed in how quickly it started looking bad. Any suggestions?

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