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Serendipity and Santa Barbara: How Maxine Koven Discovered Hammitt

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

Between her PR prowess and her dedication to giving back, Maxine Kozler Koven truly does it all. A seasoned PR and marketing executive, she moved to Los Angeles five years ago with her husband and two sons. Alongside her work in PR and as a venture capitalist, she is also a yoga instructor and volunteer for The Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica. In the midst of a busy schedule, Maxine always allows for family time - it was during this precious time that she discovered Hammitt.

Maxine Kovar Andrew Kovar

"This past April 2017 I was at the Moxy Children's Science museum in Santa Barbara with my mother and my 4 year old son on spring break.

Several times I saw this woman walk by with one of the sharpest handbags I had seen in a long time. It also went across her body which was even more attractive on a week of walking around Santa Barbara with a 4 year old.
After seeing her for the third time I had to stop her and ask who made the bag and where she bought it. 

It was the Roxbury Cross Body Bag by Hammitt. Maybe once a year I actually stop someone to ask about something specific they are wearing that I don't recognize. I even took a picture of the bag and logo so I wouldn't forget because I was that obsessed with it already.

Two hours later I was on the phone with my husband who was back in LA finishing up business before he met us in Santa Barbara. He said they had just booked the first panelist for the panel he was hosting for Fashion Digital LA on May 6th, 2017. The panelist was...Tony Drockton of Hammitt.

I was amazed at such a coincidence. Clearly I was destined to have that Hammitt bag."

Maxine Kovar

Now, not only has Maxine adopted her own Hammitt, she and her husband Andrew Koven have collaborated with Tony Drockton on The BizFix podcast, sharing insights about how mentorship, focus and enthusiasm built Hammitt. We're so glad they did, because Hammitt bags were absolutely made for women like Maxi. 

You can listen to Maxine, Andrew and Tony's interview on the LDR Ventures website. 



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