Meet Elizabeth Turner

Meet Elizabeth Turner

Meet the queen of our jungle.

Elizabeth Turner

As stunning and exotic as the bags she carries, Elizabeth Turner is a modern-day "Jane." Equal parts beauty and brains, she swims the world's bluest seas and documents lush blooms and looping vines along her travels, sending snapshots home to thousands who thirst for adventure.  

Elizabeth Turner Hammitt Handbags

After graduating from Duke, Elizabeth continued the modeling journey she started in high school, earning major love from the likes of GQ and Guess Jeans. This Georgia Peach shows no signs of slowing down, splitting her time between Los Angeles, New York City and jet planes that carry her above breathtaking lightning storms  and the world she loves so much. For a collection inspired by the fiercest wilderness on Earth, we could think of no better muse than this nature-loving beauty. 

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