Rivets and Rosé at Hammitt HQ - Guests designing their own succulents with The Succulent Scene

Rivets and Rosé at Hammitt HQ

Hammitt Hermosa Beach

Last Thursday, local Hammitt lovers gathered on our Hermosa Beach rooftop for everyone’s favorite pair: Rivets and Rosé! Together, this treasured group helped us perfect the recipe for a bubbling pre-summer night. With a rose gold bar and plants personalized from scratch with The Succulent Scene, this warm get together kicked off our favorite season on California’s coast.


Hammitt Hermosa Beach

What else did partygoers pair with prosecco, BBQ bites and a beachside view? Brand new bags, of course. With input from Hammitt’s founder and design team, revelers picked out hands-free crossbodies and backpacks for warm weather activities on the horizon. They also enjoyed one more surprise: An early chance to preorder new styles, including belt bags and Dopp kits, from Hammitt’s fall lineup.

Hammitt Belt Bag


“This is what we do best, and this is what we enjoy the most,” mused Chief Cheerleader Tony Drockton. “There’s nothing like having our team and our fans come together to bond over great designs and beautiful views. We’ll be celebrating all summer long!”

Want to join the party? Grab a girlfriend, pour some rosé and soak in summer’s latest new arrivals on hammitt.com.


Photos by Cesar Cardenas // Reporting by Bridgette Simpkins 

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