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Stitched With Love

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

One of our most luxe, detail-oriented collections yet, the Stitch collection was developed as an ode to Southern California, carrying with it the story of our golden home state. 

While developing the Stitch collection, our designer Jeanne collected a small library of California maps. After tracing her fingers over hills, mountains, counties and waves, Jeanne decided to translate the stunning topography into thread.

Stitched With Love

Once she traced a state map using transparent paper and graphite, Jeanne led a team of artisans in embroidering the pattern onto two of our softest, most buttery leathers, black and sandstone. 

Mary Lauren

The result? A lineup of conversation-starting clutches and cross bodies created with a sense of home. Because even if you aren't from California, you know what it means to carry the people and place you love the most with you, no matter where you wander or roam. 

Mary Lauren

Photos: Mary Lauren Gunn



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