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The Greatest Handbag Party on Earth

Posted on July 16, 2017 by Jenna Gulick | 1 comment

Our first Hammitt celebrations started out small and intimate. With close friends, vino and a few favorite bags, we managed to create a best-kept secret that couldn't stay contained for long. Soon, friends of friends were sharing the scoop, creating the most sought-after shopping event in the South Bay. 

Women at Hammitt Sample Sale

Hammitt fans can count on a fresh cocktail and the excitement of a brand new bag, but we also love treating them to a few surprises. That's why we've taken our fans everywhere, recreating a circus, spring break memories and the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, to name a few.
Shoppers at Hammitt Sample Sale Circus
During this year's Hammitt Party Gras, dozens of shoppers were video-calling live with friends and family from other states, shopping together over the phone. That's when we decided that while we love taking our hometown fans everywhere (without leaving the beach town we love so dearly), the incredible Hammitt tribe around the country deserves the same amazing experience. 
Hammitt Sample Sale
So, best-kept-secrets be damned. We've celebrated in Chicago and Dallas, and now we're taking the party viral. Click here for information on how we're bringing the party straight to your home on July 26th! (Hint: Have a girlfriend and a glass of wine ready!)



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Pixie DeArmond
Pixie DeArmond

September 03, 2017

Hi there! I wanted to ask are you planning to hold another event like this one in the future? I.e. a Hammit “house party” at the home of one of Hammit’s fans? I’d love to host such a party for my family and friends here in Louisiana’s capital, Baton Rouge! I’ve subscribed to the Hammit newsletter, but if you have any information regarding my inquiry I’d be much obliged. Thank you!

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