The Roaring 20s: Part You

The Roaring 20s: Part You

Our founder Tony Drockton has hope for the future. So much hope, in fact, that he wrote you a note from January, 2022.

JANUARY 06, 2022 | Hammitt 2021 Year in Review

Tony Drockton

Memories of 2020 are probably still burned somewhere in your mind, but what a year 2021 was. We ended 2021 at Hammitts’ first Annual Holiday Charity Gala to support the creative arts. Two hundred of us savored food, drinks, laughter, and long-awaited hugs as the evening progressed. One year ago feels like a decade away, and the new normal, well, it’s really just normal. Life feels good and right again.

2021 began quite differently though. It was confusing, at times terrifying, and for me, also humbling. We rolled out a vaccine in record time and saw countries work together to save the lives of others. I was awestruck by the selflessness of others and inspired by the passion of so many to win and move past 2020. We made it. I’m still here. So are you. And so are many of those we love. That alone is worth celebrating.

As the months passed, I started traveling again to see family and friends and share a meal together. The energy started swelling as Spring broke and like the fresh falling rain coaxed flowers and leaves into sunlight, there was an awakening within others as we passed on the bustling streets of New York, Miami, and Dallas.

With events back on the schedule, I went to British Columbia in August with 25,000 other festival fans and then to BurningMan in September. My soul was recharged being around so much love and connection. Human interaction, the outdoors, music, art, and experiencing new places will never be taken for granted by me again. Ok, I’ll probably take them for granted again one day, but I promise to appreciate them more right now.

Our team also grew considerably by the fall as we expanded to new-to-us corners of the world. We received our third consecutive design award from the NYC Accessories Council. Our first fashion show in NYC was a hit and Hammitt’s Fall/Winter 2021 Collection sold out in a matter of days with rave reviews. This is the part where I absolutely must thank our team and you for making that happen. There are so few words that can adequately share how grateful I am for your support and trust, so thank you. 🙏 🙏 🙏

As the first snow fell and the holidays approached, I remembered 2020 for its main gift. Yes, it forced me to slow down and appreciate life, but I also learned to embrace rapid change. Change was the only constant I could embrace - and in many ways, it was the greatest gift I still carry with me from 2020.

Not being able to hold onto others also released my hold on the past. Whatever burden you may be carrying from the past can be let go today. I promise, it’s okay to let it go now. See? That wasn’t too hard, was it?

While none of us know what 2022 will hold, looking forward is what always gets me through the toughest challenges in life. I’ll confess to being an optimist, a card-carrying member of the glass-half-full crowd. Why? The simple answer is optimism is the only option for me after what I saw and experienced in 2020 and 2021.

Besides, I’m writing this on my son Riley’s birthday on top of a mountain in Utah about to go snowboarding. Tell me - what could ever be better?

Here’s to wishing you a Happy 2022 and all the happiness, light, and yes, warm hugs from those you love this year. I hope you can join me for The Roaring 20s: Part You.

Lots of love and hugs, (oh I so missed hugs!)


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