Tiktok Aesthetics: Handbag Edition

Tiktok Aesthetics: Handbag Edition

Numerous aesthetics have been trending on TikTok and the internet at large for weeks now - and we’ve put together the ultimate guide to every single one.

Despite there being so many different aesthetics, everyone can embrace their favorite in a unique way, irrespective of routine, lifestyle, clothing or makeup.

There are so many ways to cultivate your own aesthetic depending on your passions – you can be the model off duty woman, the “clean girl”, the trendsetter, the gym go-er, the boss lady or any combination of these and more! Find what you’re passionate about and what makes you, you, because that’s what your aesthetic is really all about. In a world of fast-paced trend cycles, you need to hone in on who you are as a person, what your own style is, and how you want to express yourself in the world, before falling victim to catchy aesthetics meant to increase overconsumption, perpetuating the trend cycle beast. When you know who you are, you can buy lifetime pieces and not only minimize your carbon footprint, but also exude internal confidence like never before. Read on to learn more about what handbags we love for each aesthetic, centered around the functionality of the piece, to help you be your best and most confident self!

Model off Duty

The model off duty woman has her capsule wardrobe on tap. But she also has a little edge to her. Think edgy like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner vibes: slicked back buns, a classic look with lots of neutrals, sleek black and embossed crocco. Always on the run from casting to casting, or simply just from place to place, the model off duty woman needs function and storage in a polished look above all. For this look, we love a big shoulder purse like the Morgan or the Bryant. For more storage space, we also recommend the Benjamin

The “Clean Girl”

The clean girl aesthetic mirrors the model off duty aesthetic in a lot of ways, but instead of the little edge and spunk that accompanies the model off duty look, the clean girl aesthetic privileges bright, light colors, and simple, easy to style outfits with gold jewelry. This aesthetic is a Hammitt favorite because of how beautiful the signature gold hardware on our handbags complements the gold jewelry of the aesthetic. With this aesthetic, think simple blouses, unitards, onesies and flowy pants which pair beautifully with the Addie Med in our new summer collection color, Barley Tan! We are also loving the Morgan shoulder bag in the Dandelion Gingham pattern for this aesthetic too!


For the lady who loves the gym and working out, we want to make sure we’re combining functionality with style. For that reason, we love a backpack or tote bag situation for the #gymgirl to be able to show off her own personal style. Whether it’s while you’re getting changed into your workout clothes after a long day at work, going on a hike in the Hollywood hills or going on a hot girl walk in your neighborhood, you want to make sure you have your essentials: change of clothes, water, first aid kit, wallet, phone, keys and even a snack! Our favorite Hammitt bags for the gym girl have to be the Hunter Med, and the Addie Lrg for hiking and going to the gym, and the Charles for a walk around the neighborhood!


The trendsetter loves any and all things fashion – from shoes to hats, styles and patterns, color theory and fabric testing and anything else in between! Like Carrie Bradshaw, the trendsetter loves to window shop, sometimes forgoing the “window” part entirely, but wears everything she owns and treats her accessories like they’re her babies. For this meticulous queen, we recommend a luxurious Italian leather handbag because not only will you appreciate the beautiful leather, but we trust you’ll take great care of her too! Our favorite Italian Leather handbags are featured here, but we do have to say that the Sunstruck Yellow Crocco/Brushed Gold collection is simply perfect for the summer … 

Boss Lady

The boss lady is like Rory Gilmore: hardworking, passionate and determined to get where she wants to be! Whether that’s in school, her professional career or any other aspect of life, the boss lady lets nothing get between her and her dreams and you know, we kind of love that for her. She has a tough, go-getter attitude, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have fun either! Our favorite work/school/literally anything handbag for just this woman is the Addie Lrg or the Otis Tote, both meant to fit your computer along with a couple other work necessities! Moreover, not only are these handbags available in a variety of different neutral colors, perfect for if that’s your aesthetic, they are also available in cool limited edition colors and patterns for the perfect pop of color! We love the Addie Lrg in the Coastal Alliance Collection or the limited edition Otis Tote in Golden Valley Tan/Brushed Gold

Coastal Grandmother

The coastal grandmother is effortlessly chic and doesn’t have to privilege comfort over fashion because she can do both! Like the clean girl aesthetic, the coastal grandmother aesthetic favors light colors, however these tones are complimented by a general beachy vibe to the clothes and accessories – think flowy button downs, linen pants, and blue and white striped everything. This aesthetic doesn’t require you to be on any coast, but its rather embodying the energy of the sea and outdoors; The coastal grandmother likes to spend their days going for long walks on the beach, visits to plant nurseries, or taking a movie-moment bike ride in the countryside (very Call me by your name if we do say so).  For this lady, we love anything Raffia, blue and unique. For that reason, we recommend the AJ Crossbody Clutch in our latest Chaparral Raffia (pairs perfectly with a big floppy raffia hat), the Davis med in limited edition Manzanita Tan or the Otis tote in Skies Nubuck!


At Hammitt, we want everyone to know that they are the aesthetic they love, regardless of what any TikTok trend says or makes you feel like. If you prioritize empathy, kindness and compassion, then you’re doing amazing sweetie. Forget the trend cycles and what even your favorite creators are telling you; Look inwards within yourself and your passions and ambitions to decide what you want your aesthetic to be, for you. Once you have that nailed down, treat yourself to a Hammitt handbag based on your newly curated personal style. Our handbags will stay with you for life, so invest today in your aesthetic and just know, we’ll always be here for you!  

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