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True Hammitt Love Stories

Posted on February 07, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 2 comments

We love your public displays of affection for the special ‘someones’ who make your Hammitt dreams come true. Whether it’s a smart-shopping husband or the Galentine who introduced you to our bags for the first time, your inner circle makes us swoon. Here are some of our favorite moments of Hammitt PDA, straight from social media.

Mary Lauren

Photo: Mary Lauren

Amy C says of her holiday present:

"My husband REALLY spoiled me with this bag!" 

Mary J's husband also changed the game - believe it or not, with a second love interest:

"Received my first Hammitt for Christmas from my husband. I am in love." 

Hammitt Husband

Meanwhile, it was Nicol K's Galentine who had the honors...

"To Cat, I say thanks. The guy I married, however, says otherwise!" 

Hammitt Sample Sale

We're also grateful to stylists and boutiques that spread the Hammitt love: 

Jess R. sent a hearty "Thanks!" to Tara at Allison in Wine Country. 

Erin M reported, "I saw your bags on a local boutique’s FB page and can’t believe I haven’t discovered you sooner! My maiden name is Hammitt, so obviously a Hammitt bag is now on my “must-have” list!"

And finally, there's Renee R, who discovered Hammitt from Chief Cheerleader Tony D himself:

"Thank you Tony for bringing the Hammitt trunk show to Von Maur, Columbus, Ohio. I had a great time seeing the new styles and meeting and chatting with you. You're very charming. So glad I purchased the unique Riley named after your son, just right for my life style. I also won a cute bag from the raffle. Everything is coming up Hammitt!!!"

Hammitt Von Maur

This Valentine's Day, we're playing Cupid and helping to drop hints - if you're searching out a gift for your Galentine, you've come to the right place. If these love stories were forwarded to your inbox...you know what to do. And remember, our Hammitt Concierge is always on hand to help the magic happen! 



2 Responses

Sylvia Jones
Sylvia Jones

February 11, 2018

I have a pink metallic “Daisy” bag and an orange “Savannah” that I bought probably at least ten years ago. I don’t think the bags were sold in stores at that time. I bought mine at a holiday “show” in someone’s home.

Kristi Eastman
Kristi Eastman

February 11, 2018

I ? my Hammitt and the compamiy’s mission of giving back. My Hammitt was a gift from the company…and I feel so fortunate! Wish I could post a picture!

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