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City: San Antonio, Texas


Fun Fact about city or boutique:

This fall will mark our 70th Anniversary of serving the women of the great state of Texas!


How long have you been carrying Hammitt?

2 Seasons


What is your favorite Hammitt and why?

The Roxbury



"Hammitt loves that Julian Gold always has a great selection of emerging designers. They keep San Antonio on their toes with the hottest trends."- Ryan Kelly, West Coast and Mid West Sales


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City: Santa Monica, CA


Fun Fact about city or boutique:

Emphatic Montana and Fred Segal are the only stores on the westside
that carry Hammitt.


How long have you been carrying Hammitt?

We have been carrying Hammitt since 2014.


What is your favorite Hammitt and why? 

Embossed 101 North ... the options are endless!


Why Hammitt loves Fred Segal Emphatic:

“Fred Segal Emphatic has an amazing team that creates an outstanding shopping experience.” Ryan Kelly, West Coast/ Midwest Sales


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Livingston, New Jersey


Fun Fact about city or boutique:

Chelsea Handler and Chris Christie both graduated from Livingston High School!


How long have you been carrying Hammitt?

We have carried Hammitt since company started!


What is your favorite Hammitt and why? 

My favorite Hammitt is the Richard! I have it with me every moment of the day!


Why Hammitt loves Elle Squared:

"I love my Elle Squared girls because they are always partying on and off the sales floor like true Hammitteers! Every staff member owns a Hammitt and rocks it all the time!" - Francisco Castro, National Merchandising Director


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Joan Shepp



Philadelphia, PA


Fun Fact about city or boutique:

This mother-daughter team has been in business for 45 years!


How long have you been carrying Hammitt? 

Carrying Hammitt for 2 years


What is your favorite Hammitt? 

Our favorite Hammitt bag is the Montana Crossbody



There’s a reason Joan Shepp’s upscale designer boutique has survived 16 years, Joan and her daughter are always thinking young and thinking forward. They travel the world and have seen all the designers. They can spot trends in their sleep! One visit to their store will show you in a heartbeat that they know what they are doing. Her assortment is breathtaking! 
Hammitt is honored to know Joan. To be included as a collection in her boutique tells us we have arrived!



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Hammitt's Trip to Zion National Park, as told by Hammitt's CEO, Tony Drockton. 

We celebrated our best show ever and started our road trip with a traditional SoCal favorite, In-And-Out.   With the smell of fresh cut fries and an animal style burger in each of our hands, we whisked up the 15 in our 300M. Sunroof open, music blasting and smiling wide, in preparation for 24 hours of mind and body rehabilitation at Zion Park.   

As we approached a fork in the road, we stopped to take in the view from the bridge and climbed down beneath to play on the rocks.   

We prepared for our urban assault carefully after arriving at the cabin. Flashlights, check. Hacky Sack, check. Frisbee, check. Nail files? Uh, sure, check.  Not sure if we needed all this stuff, but you never know when a good game of Yahtzee will break out on a mountain!

110 again!  We knew the luck was upon us when our room number was 110, which happens to also be our Hammitt House suite number and our new Vegas retail flagship address. Add in the fact that our top selling wallet is called the 110 and you have magic happening. 

An iPhone buzz at 3:30am ignited our journey to enjoy the night sky of Zion and await the sunrise. No one told us how cold it would be, but hey, nature has a way of surprising you.  With time-lapse mode set, I recorded the rise in all its beauty as the canyon walls lit up and clouds zoomed overhead.   

As we arrived back down the mountain, we were greeted by a friend just above on the ridge.  A local Ram.  The Chinese New Year was today and it was passing off from Year of the Horse to Year of the Ram. As I am a Horse and I had enjoyed the fruits of luck that this past year has brought, I took a moment to pass the baton and wish my new friend well in the year to come.  

With no time for long goodbyes, Francisco and I air hugged our team on our way back to Vegas. After the standing ovation our newest collection received at the show by our buyers, press, and our peers, we were super charged for our opening of Hammitt's first retail store on the Las Vegas Strip. 


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Houston, Texas


Fun Fact about boutique:

In February of 2011, the Houston store relocated to a new 35,000 square foot space as the anchor of a high rise mixed use development called West Ave. West Ave is located on Westheimer Road in the heart of River Oaks, Houston’s oldest and most affluent residential area. In addition to the expanded selling space, the new store has enormous fitting rooms designed by top interior designers, a private room for exclusive trunk shows, and a dining room for special customer luncheons. 


How long have you been carrying Hammitt?

Carrying Hammitt since 2011


What is your favorite Hammitt? 

Favorite Hammitt bag is the VIP Fringe



Tootsies carries top selling brands along with Hammitt. They create stunning displays and have a wonderful staff that is always a pleasure to work with.


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Our Muse, Alex Curry. 

Television host, reporter and personality galore.  Alex is currently hosting and sideline-reporting for the LA Angels and LA Kings on FOX Sports West but she took time out for our Hammitt Spring 2015 shoot. Check out her interview below:

 What is a typical day in the life of Alex Curry?

Everyday is a little different pending what season it is and if we have extra shoots on game days...But typically I’ll wake up, do a morning workout at Level 10 Fitness, Green Yogi or go for a run. If it’s hockey season, I’ll go straight to Kings practice in El Segundo from my workout and interview a few guys before the game. Come home, make some brunch, do some last minute prepping for the game, then spend 2 hours getting ready. I arrive at Angels Stadium or Staples for my pre-game meeting at 3:30pm, after the meeting I’ll get a few more interviews for pre-game, then it’s dinner time and a little more prep for the game. Then our pre-game show starts around 6/6:30 and pending if I’m hosting or reporting my jobs vary. After the game I’ll do my live post-game interviews, head into the locker room to talk with the players & coaches, then head home. I usually get home around 12pm and if it’s baseball season, I’ll spend an hour or two prepping for the next day’s game, then bedtime! 

How do you balance work & life?

I make sure I have an hour of “me time” everyday…which is usually my workouts in the morning. Luckily I love what I do so it doesn’t really feel like work anyway.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Sports have been a big part of my life as long as I can remember. Growing up I played soccer, softball, volleyball, swam, danced, tennis, snowboard, and wakeboard. I tried it all and stuck with soccer through college. So I feel very fortunate to have made a career out of something I love and have been passionate about my whole life. So besides covering sports for a living, I love getting to connect with these organizations & athletes and share their story with the fans. They are extremely hard working people who followed a dream and made it a reality.

What was your professional "AHA!" moment?

It was in college at San Diego State in my broadcasting 101 class, we had to do a morning news report and after I did mine at the desk on camera, I was hooked. I fell in love and felt so natural interviewing people and talking on camera…so that’s when I set my goals and started taking the steps needed to become a TV Host.

What inspires you?

Knowing that if you are passionate about something and put in the time it takes to turn a dream into a reality, and hustle every single day for yourself…you CAN DO IT! 

How do you define your personal style?

I am all about fashionable comfort, so it’s kind of a bohemian rocker chic look when I’m not working. When it comes to work, I wear a lot of dresses and high wasted skirts in spring/summer and fun/funky blazer in the winter with knee high boots.

How do you take a look from the sidelines to a night out?

Most of the outfits I wear on the sideline would be great night out looks, so possibly a shirt change under the blazer and add a great clutch.

Who is your style icon?

I follow 100’s of fashion bloggers on Instagram and love checking out their looks for daily inspiration. It’s really helped develop my style over the past 3 years. 

What is your favorite Hammitt and Why?

I LOVE my black on black 'Getty' clutch for evenings. I’m newly obsessed with my black 'Adam' satchel for day time and I never travel without my red 'Avalon' handbag , it’s been all around the world with me!