Fashion Workout Clothing: Trending Now

You’ve either just made the commitment to start working out, or you’ve been a workout fiend for years, so you’re either tired of your worn out rags or don’t know what to wear.

Either way, one thing you already know is that you want to look good at the gym. And you should be able to. 

Even though it can be hard to get into a good rhythm of working out, whether you are just starting or you’ve plateaued, and you need to start upping your workout routine, you can still have fun with it, and that should also extend to your style.

You don’t have to wear baggy shirts and sweatpants, especially when there are so many trending fashion workout clothes out there that can take your workout game to a whole new level.

In addition to updating your workout fashion, there are also different and convenient ways you can accessorize your workout fashion with pieces like the following:

With that said, let’s take a look at some new and trendy ways you can spice up your drab workout fashion, starting with a workout staple with a vintage twist.

70’s Inspired Leggings

When you think of workout clothes, especially leggings, you probably don’t think about them being flared like your bell-bottom jeans from middle or high school. 

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s definitely a new and trendy way to wear leggings for your killer workout, and we’ll tell you why:

  • It gives you a more airy, lightweight feel to move and groove around in during those fast-paced workouts, especially if compression leggings are uncomfortable.
  • Not really feeling up to showing off your legs and calves because those areas are a sore spot? Flared leggings will give you the movement comfortability from leggings without showing off your skin-tight problem areas.
  • They are extremely versatile. The debate about whether wearing leggings outside the gym is acceptable is still ongoing (although we are definitely pro-wearing leggings everywhere), if you’re self-conscious about wearing tight leggings after a workout, flared workout pants are a great choice if you want to seamlessly transition to street wear.

We’re not here to tell you to replace your sacred skinny leggings. We love ours too and could never part with them, so we would definitely never ask you to do such a devastating thing.

But it’s also good to mix your workout style up and try different types of leggings when hitting the gym. Sometimes your leggings, like all of us, need off days to recuperate. 

Give it a try— you might find yourself getting a whole wardrobe of them after you wear your first pair. 

Who Wears Short-Shorts? We Wear Short Shorts

It should go without saying that, like leggings, shorts are synonymous with workout clothes.

You probably already have a pair that you use for all your #beastmode workouts.

However, the type of work out shorts that are super trendy now are slightly different from the ones you already have or are used to seeing.

These types of shorts are short. And we mean, VERY short.

How are they different, exactly? Here are some of their distinguishing stylish features:

  • High rise waist - Due to the shortened length covering the thighs, short shorts make up for this by having a high rise waist to give you some nice tummy compression.
  • Shows off your hard work - Short shorts are great for showing off your toned legs and calves.
  • Used by runners and dancers - Not only are these the preferred workout shorts for athletes, but they look great on them too. 

Although short shorts, also known as “hot pants,” are definitely not a new invention, they are becoming more and more popular, especially with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Hailey Beiber flaunting them when around town.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to don and flaunt these bad boys either.

They come in a variety of colors and styles to help you work it (no matter your body type!) like the following:

  • Dark Colors - Blacks and darker hues of browns and grays are great colors for short shorts because they tend to hide problem areas.
  • Pretty Prints - Get fun and funky with short shorts in delightful prints like floral, animal print, camo, tie-dye, and marble. 
  • Neutral Colors - If you want to be daring with nude-colored short shorts, look for colors that match your skin tone and really be amazed by your toning and body sculpting. 

Don’t shy away from the shorts— let yourself try on these different types of trendy short-shorts, and you will see that there is a type of short out there for you, no matter your body type and fitness goals.

Long Sleeves

Another trending fashion workout clothing piece that is on fire right now is the long sleeve.

You may think that sounds crazy, and we don’t blame you.

When you workout, everyone knows you tend to raise your body temperature and hopefully even break a sweat. 

It’s natural to want to wear as few clothes as possible, and envisioning a long sleeve workout top is probably making you feel hot just by thinking about it. 

We’re here to get rid of that stinking thinking around workout long sleeves, and we’ve got the reasons why:

  • If you’re not so sure about showing off your arms and shoulders yet, long sleeve workout tops are definitely the way to go.
  • Most long sleeve workout tops are made of moisture-wicking material, which is great for cooling you down, so you don’t have to sweat about getting overheated while doing your routine.
  • If you’re still not sold on the moisture-wicking component, you can also get workout long sleeves that have tastefully designed cutouts or mesh holes on your back, shoulders, or on the sides of the shirt, ensuring you can feel more comfortable.

Now that we’ve run through why workout long sleeves are comfortable let’s get to the fun stuff and talk about how they can be stylish.

  • Mix and match - Mixing and matching different colors and patterns with your long sleeve workout shirt and your legging is a stylish way to show off your workout flair while still being functional.
  • Fun with meshing - Not only does the mesh in your long sleeve workout top help to cool you down, but it can also use it for your style advantage. The dark mesh material in long sleeve workout tops works great against contrasting patterns and pops of color. 
  • Looks amazing with shorts - Pairing a long sleeve workout top with some cute short shorts not only looks great but also gives you a nice, sleek, and elongated look.

Another advantage is that you can wear long sleeve workout shirts all year round, especially in the cooler months, which you can’t do with that old baggy t-shirt. 

This is even great if you want to start exploring outdoor workouts in the colder months as well, so you’re not stuck inside a gym throughout the entire year.

Don’t sleep on workout long sleeves tops. 

You’ll be surprised how much you love them and how stylish they are once you give them a try. 

One Piece Jumpsuits

One of the biggest and most trendy workout pieces that is back from the ‘90s and is taking the workout fashion by storm is the one-piece bodysuit.

Jumpsuits, especially spandex ones, are making huge waves for the following reasons:

  • Easy to get on and off - You don’t have to worry about taking forever to get dressed for your workout or quick trips to the bathroom. Just slip it on and off.
  • Contours to the body - If you’re trying to pay close attention to your sculpting and toning goals, a one-piece jumpsuit perfect conforms to the body so you can keep track of every single change on your body.
  • Stays in one place - We all know and have experienced the dreaded “rise up” from our sports bra, shorts, and leggings. Sometimes you feel like you spend more time adjusting your top and leggings than you do actually working out. That’s definitely not the issues with a one-piece jumpsuit as it will keep everything in one place for you.

Additionally, jumpsuits also have these neat features to check out if you’re still not entirely sold on them yet:

  • Some jumpsuits include a built-in bra so you can get that added top support for even your most rigorous workouts.
  • Like most workout clothes, one-piece jumpsuits are made of compression and moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool always.

And who can forget how stylish they are? Popular styles for jumpsuits include:

  • Colorblock 
  • Metallic solid colors
  • Animal print
  • Nudes 
  • Dark colors like blacks and dark greys

So, don’t be intimidated but the bodysuit, especially since there are plenty of ways you can rock it for your own workout style.

Accessorize Your Workout

We definitely can’t talk about workout fashion without talking about bags and accessories to hold your gear, especially your cell phone, wallet, and keys. 

First, let’s talk about cutting down on your gym bag clutter. We know you probably bring too much stuff with you to the gym because we all do it. Guilty as charged. 

Like our everyday handbags, we tend to accumulate a lot in our bags that we wonder how it even got in there in the first place.

Instead of toting around a massive duffel bag, we propose the following stylish and straightforward alternatives:

  • Small, clear bags - Next time, when going to the gym, opt for carrying a small and clear bag instead. This way, you can see all your contents and know exactly what you’ll be bringing to the gym without second-guessing that you left something behind. 
  • A simple pocketbook - There’s no need to weigh yourself down (other than with your own workout weights). Try just bringing a wallet so you only bring the necessities that you can fit in there. 
  • Crossbody cell phone bag - If you’re ultra minimalistic and just need something for your cell device, opt for a stylish cross body cell phone bag instead. 

Workout fashion is just like other types of everyday fashion. A look is not really complete until you accessorize it.

So before you go barrelling out to the door to spin class or yoga, make sure you have a stylish bag to tag along with you.

Dare to Challenge Your Workout Fashion

Like your workout routine, our workout fashion can also get into a rut.

It’s easy to just toss on an old t-shirt and some gym shorts you’ve had since high school without realizing that you can still be stylish even when breaking out into a sweat.

It’s time you really look at your old workout clothes and retire them for good or downgrade them to leisurewear around the house— we totally understand how comfy an old, worn-in t-shirt can make us feel on a lazy day.

Instead, take the time to revamp your workout fashion with a much-needed makeover. You’re doing so much good for your body; you deserve to show it off with your own unique style. 

Next time you’re shopping for your new workout fashion, challenge yourself to do the following:

  • Slip on a pair of flared leggings and give them a spin during your next workout
  • Don’t be scared of the short-shorts— they can be worn by all body types, and we just know you’ll look fantastic in them.
  • Yes, you most certainly CAN wear a bodysuit! And you definitely should, especially ones with bra inserts for extra support.
  • Don’t forget to declutter your gym bag and instead bring along a clear make-up bag, pocketbook, or a crossbody cell phone holder to lighten your load before you hit the workout. 

When we make an investment in our style, we make an investment in ourselves, and this is exactly what you can accomplish when you put your own style into your workout fashion. 


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