We created a world where form meets function, quality materials triumph and lifetime promises reign supreme. We believe functionality comes first. Each handbag keeps you in mind and is here to help you be yourself and make your life easier and more colorful.

Feel Itt. Love Itt. Hammitt.

Making luxury a lifestyle.




  • How Do I Invest In Hammitt?

    As of November 2022, we concluded our Regulation A offering. Therefore we are no longer soliciting or accepting investments through the Regulation A offering. In addition, we are no longer required to file financial or other reports with the SEC. 

  • As An Existing Shareholder, Can I Sell or Transfer My Shares?

    Hammitt’s Class B Common Stock issued to nonaffiliates (such as you) in Hammitt’s qualified Regulation A offering are unrestricted and freely transferable; however, the majority of issuers in qualified Regulation A offerings, such as Hammitt, are not quoted on the over-the- counter (OTC) market, NASDAQ, or NYSE. As noted in the subscription agreement that you entered into when you made your investment, and as included in the offering circular, there is no public market for Hammitt’s stock. And, as of now, based on market conditions, among other things, Hammitt is not planning to go public or to seek to be quoted on the OTC, NASDAQ, or NYSE. 

  • How Are Proceeds From Hammitt's Last Offering Being Used?

    Funds will be used to continue to grow Hammitt by investing in advertising and marketing, inventory to support more customers, retail stores, and technology.

  • How Do I Get More Information As An Existing Shareholder?

    Please email any shareholder questions to shares@hammitt.com.


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