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Collection: Why Hammitt

We believe in integrity - and epic parties

In 2008, we dreamt of radically redesigning the contemporary handbag experience. A small team of beach dwellers began carving out a new, customer-focused world : A world where form meets function, price integrity triumphs and lifetime promises reign supreme. Oh, and we learned how to throw a really good party. Just ask our over 800 retail partners and fervent hometown crowd.

We believe functionality comes first

We design to surprise and delight with every innovation, staying one step ahead of your wildest wishlists. Whether it’s an accessible cell phone pocket, pull-out changing pad, six-way reversibility or straps that adjust for every height, there are nuggets of functionality in every Hammitt silhouette. Cheers to that.

We believe standout people deserve standout quality

Our team travels from the cobblestones of Europe to the quietest corners of Asia, bringing home high quality materials that last. Then, we work to make them all available to you at accessible price points. When you hold a Hammitt’s buttery leather and polished rivets, you hold the world in your hands.

We believe California makes magic

Every Hammitt is imagined, sketched and tested steps from the Hermosa Beach shore. Our designer might be a mermaid.

We believe promises should be kept

When you invest in a Hammitt, we don’t take your faith for granted. We guarantee every piece of signature hardware and every smooth-gliding zipper forever. Need a repair? We’ll handle it free of charge, from start to finish. Pinky swear.