Mini Designer Bags: Get the Look

Are you a little intimidated by the mini designer bag trend? Do you feel like maybe this is a look that you can’t pull off because of its modern youthfulness?

Well, first of all, we’re going to be the first to tell you that no designer bag is too youthful for anyone to pull off, regardless of age, especially if you know what styles to look for and guides for wearing them.

Before we dive into some signature mini designer bag styles, let’s touch upon why mini designer bags fashion is trending right now:

  • Mini is in - If you haven’t noticed, mini is very in right now. From mini houses, mini furniture, and even mini food, we are seeing a large boom of interest in small things.
  • Minimalistic - With everyone looking to go eco-friendly and save our Mother Earth, this trend has definitely spilled over into fashion. The less you have, the less you will be burdened with, and that’s better for the environment. 
  • Eye-catching - With something so little, it’s bound to grab the attention of others. Another reason mini designer bags are big is that they complement overall looks with their subtle accents. 

So there is definitely a reason behind the madness for why mini designer bags are popping up all over the place.

And you can sport this look too. Below we have some great styles that will get you the look you are going for, regardless of what your fashion needs are. 

Mini Backpacks

If you are just now starting your mini-design journey, mini-backpacks are definitely the way to go as an introduction for crafting your mini-backpack journey. 

Mini backpacks are just like regular backpacks except, well….mini.

Most of them contain the classic backpack’s standard design with the two shoulder strap design and the two to multiple compartments and zippers.

What makes them stand out is that the compact design makes them very easy to tote around, especially if you are just wanting the #essentials.

You don’t have to overstuff your backpack to get to where you need to go, and the mini bag is here to remind us of that. 

Having a mini backpack is great for your style for the following reasons:

  • Less = more - When you’re out and about, you definitely don’t want a lot of stuff weighing you down, and that definitely includes your backpack. Having less stuff improves your momentum to do more, whether that be being able to squeeze into the last subway train for the night or fitting comfortably amongst strangers in an elevator, you’ll definitely take up less space while doing it fashionably. 
  • The essentials -  Another great benefit of sporting the mini backpack look is that it forces you to only bring the stuff you need. When you’re on the go, you definitely want to keep things light and only bring what you absolutely need for whatever the day brings you. 
  • There are so many styles to choose from - You’ll never get bored. They come in micro-size too, which we will get to later on. You can seriously have a different mini backpack for a different day of the week. 

Now that you know how stylish these mini backpacks are, you need to start slaying them as part of your look.

Not sure you can have multiple types and not get bored? We beg to differ.

  • Micro-bags: These itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bags are literally everywhere. From the red carpet of Hollywood premieres, the runways of fashion week to people you pass on the street, these types of bags are a huge hit. 
  • A multitude of pockets and features - Just because they are mini doesn’t mean they don’t have space. You can get a mini-backpack that is just a shrunken version of the classic backpack, or you can get one with many different compartments all around the side, front, and back of the bag.
  • Many different shapes, colors, and sizes - If you want to mix things up with your mini backpack, you can certainly do that. Select mini backpacks that come with fringes, ornate tassels, patterns, or colors. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

And because you can customize your mini backpack to suit your own style and taste, you can even sort them into collections based on the day of the week, the season, or a color story you’ve been thinking of trying out. 

Now that you know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we’re glad you’ve hopefully come to your senses and will give the mini backpack a try.


Ok, so this is definitely a given because clutches are like THE definition of mini designer bags, but you would be surprised to learn that some people think a clutch is too formal or should only be used for certain occasions and are too scared to try it with different looks.

Well, we are here to tell you that you are both wrong. You don’t have to relegate your clutch to the confines of your closet to only have it appear for annual occasions, and you can definitely rock it for any type of look. 

Since we’ve gotten that out of the way and we’re going to completely change your mind about clutches, let’s review some of the best types of designer clutches out there:

  • Envelope clutch - This adorable and simple clutch has an envelope shape that carries an air of sophistication with it, and people will definitely want to write home about it once they see this in your hands. These clutches often close with secure magnets and easy-gliding zippers.
  • Bracelet clutch bag - This multifunctional clutch is designed to have a closed-looped bracelet attachment where traditionally, you would have handles. It gives your clutch a very signature look and can be used both as a jewelry accessory and a bag accessory - best of both worlds, in our opinion.
  • Pochette - Deriving from the French word “pocket,” this unique clutch is just big enough to not only fit in your pocket but hold what’s in it too. The pochette is also designed with an easy glide zipper opening as well as a wristlet band, so you can have that extra support when holding it. 
  • Wristlet - This clutch is cousins with the more flashy bracelet clutch but is more uniformed in nature and design. The wristlet has a pouch-like bag with a band, usually made of something strong like leather, attached for added support when wearing it. However, it’s still very stylish as it looks great subtly hanging off your wrist when wearing it. 

So if you’re on the fence because you feel like you can’t diversify your mini designer clutch collection, we definitely think you’re all kinds of wrong about that.

No matter what your designer clutch bag needs are, there is definitely a type out there waiting to be made a match in fashionista heaven. 

Crossbody Bags

Next on your designer mini bag journey, we have the effortlessly cool crossbody bags, which are quickly becoming a mini designer bag you must-have for all your fashion lovers out there.

The crossbody bag is an extremely stylish and hands-free accessory that allows you to go about your day without using those annoying handles. Plus, your hands deserve a break every now and then, and that’s where the crossbody bag comes into play. 

For those who are unaware, the following are great qualities of the crossbody bag:

  • It looks chic - Instead of lugging around your handbag everywhere (which we do as well, so no shame), give yourself and your hands a break by opting for the mini hands-free crossbody bag instead. 
  • Fashion versatility - Trust us, mini crossbody bags look great no matter what you wear. However, if you are out for a specific look, there are various styles that can help you pull it off. 

Curious about the different styles of mini crossbody bags out there? Well, you won’t call our bluff, because we have a few featured before that we know will tick most, if not all, your fashion need boxes:

  • Fringe Bag - This nostalgic, 1970’s throwback is a perfect little designer mini bag due to the playful fringe material that adorns the bag’s perimeter. It is definitely boho in feel but can be worn in more sophisticated ways such as in dark colors like burgundy, black, or forest green.
  • Bucket Bag - This mini crossbody bag is shaped like a bucket due to its circular base and cinched drawstring opening. The bucket bag can also be designed with fringe tassels for the drawstring portion, which gives it a very sassy feel.
  • Baguette Bag - Shaped just like the classic French bread, the mini baguette bag is an elongated clutch, often with a fold-over flap that fastens near the bottom. People will definitely be saying oh la la once they see this hanging by your side. 
  • Canteen Bag - This circular crossbody bag is shaped just like its namesake. This bag typically is designed with a top zipper compartment that allows easy access to your wallet, smartphone, favorite lip gloss, or whatever it is you need to get through your day.
  • Saddle Bag - This equestrian styled bag is equal parts fashionable and versatile. This horseshoe-shaped crossbody bag comes with a flap cover and was traditionally used as a pouch that would hang from either side of a saddle on a horse. This style became iconic and can still be seen today.
  • Chain Strap Bag - This eloquent crossbody bag sets itself apart from the rest due to its stylish gold chain, a feature that lets it classy up any crossbody bag and allows it to go from formal to casual, depending on which outfit you pair it with. 

If you think the crossbody bag is only good for informal occasions, or maybe you feel it’s too “youthful” look, you definitely need to think again.

Use our crossbody bag guide as your ultimate blueprint for mapping out your current and future collections. 

Cultivate Your Mini Designer Bag Look

Now that we have gone through all the various styles of mini designer bags, you can now see why adding them to your style collection will be a seamless process.

Because of the different styles available, you can mix and match with your other accessories, creating the ultimate look.

Let’s run through again some of the mini designer bag styles that are yours for the taking:

  • Mini backpack - The newest little take on the classic backpack is becoming more and more of a fashion statement every day. From runways to boardwalks, you’ll find almost everyone donning a mini backpack and making it work with their own unique style as you can do too.
  • Clutch bags - Quit the stinking thinking that these formal accessory staples are only meant to be dusted off a couple of times a year for a wedding or banquet. You can definitely dress up or dress down a seemingly formal clutch to go with any #OOTD.
  • Crossbody bags - Another type of mini designer bag that is making a splash, the handsfree and chic look of the crossbody bag is turning heads whenever it’s taken. And since there are many styles of crossbody bags that you can dress up or down, it’s great for any occasion.

You don’t have to be stuck in the past with your handbags or afraid that you can’t rock a youthful trend, because we stand by saying that you can.

Play around with these different types of mini designer bags, and we’re sure you’ll find one, if not many, that you will fold into your existing designer bag collection.

Happy hunting! 


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