Trendy Purses: Stylish Women Carry the Best Bags

What exactly makes a purse trendy?

A purse can also come in a variety of other names such as the following, and you may have heard these names used interchangeably:

  • Handbag
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Pocketbook

But, what exactly is a purse?

  • It contains a spacious amount of room for your storage space.
  • It typically either has a handle or a shoulder strap that goes over the shoulder.
  • It has multiple compartments that are sealed off with either zippers, buttons, fasteners, or clasps.
  • It has a thick, inner wall that allows a lot of weight-bearing. 

Whatever fashion designers debut for their upcoming collections or what our favorite celebrities are wearing comes to mind when we think of trendy purses.

However, a lot of what is starting to trend for fashion purses is coming straight from social media.

Keep your eyes peeled on the various social media websites to see the hotbed of all the emerging purse designs.

Some may surprise you with their intricate compartments or seemingly complex compartment system, while others are just a new spin on an old favorite.

Regardless, what is trending is always changing, but we’ve got the skinny on some trendy purses that we know you’ll love to carry to show off your own style. 

Check out our list below, you may see some old favorites or new and intriguing purses that you can’t wait to try out. 

Accordion Purse

The accordion-style handbag is a type of clutch purse that opens up to compartments that are specifically structured like accordion bellows.

This neat design makes it a very interesting but trendy bag choice. 

Alpaca Purse

This open compartment over the shoulder purse is made from either real Alpaca fur or a synthetic blend of other manufactured materials. 

Baguette Purse

The baguette purse is a long and narrow purse that rests on the hip when worn as a purse, shaped like it’s famous French bread namesake. 

Fun Fact: This purse was made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw’s character from Sex and The City. So, you may have already known about the bag, but didn’t know the name of it. You’re welcome.

Bamboo Handle Purse

Like the name states, these purses have handles that are made from real bamboo trees. They are typically fastened to either a box-shaped or round-shaped bag compartment. 

Barrel Purse

This spherical purse has many components similar to that of a duffel bag except that it is a complete cylinder in overall shape and in its compartments. 


A super trendy and petite Bermuda bag is known for its signature handle, which is made out of wood and attached to a round or oval cloth bag.

The Bermuda typically also has floral designs to give it a signature and ornate look.


A bindle, when first created, was a fabric sack tied around a stick and carried over the shoulder. 

However, the modern bindle ditches the stick all together and instead uses the loose fabric materials for the handle to tie together into a knot so that this bag can be worn around the shoulder.

Boston Purse

This round shaped purse features a top zipper closure compartment and typically has two handles. Boston purses also usually feature some sort of leather fabric. 

Canteen Purse

Reminiscent of a traditional canteen bottle, the canteen bag is a type of crossbody bag that is typically made of tough material such as leather or a synthetic blend that gives it its signature hard-shelled texture.

Chain Embellished Purse

Chain embellished purses are different from their chain-linked purse counterparts because the chain design is embellished on the front of the purse rather than an integral part of the shoulder strap.

Crocodile Purse

As the name states, the crocodile purse is made of either authentic or manufactured crocodile materials. 

Crochet Purse

These boho style purses made of yarn are the perfect vacation purse or a casual day out on the town. 

Croissant Purse

Shaped like the literal scrumptious classic French treat, these purses are typically designed with a thicker body often made of wicker and a thin handle. 

Frame Purse

This metal-framed purse is designed to support the textile or leather of the overall bag.

Frame purses also often have what is called a "kissing lock" closure, which is two interlocking metal beads on top acting as the open and closing of the main compartment of the bag. 

Fringe Purse

This far out and bold purse statement was a huge hit with 1970’s boho fashionistas due to its shredded leather fingers that lined the outside of the bag.

Obviously, this trend didn’t end with the 1970s as it is still a trendy purse being worn today by both older and young alike. 

Furoshiki Purse

This popular Japanese purse is not only extremely stylish but a structural feat as well.

These beautiful and stylish purses are constructed with carry straps and ring handles and adorned with silkscreen printed on pure cotton. 

Half-Moon Purse

This visually trendy and eye-raising purse design has become extremely popular with Gen Xers but is also noticeably catching on with millennials too.

This crescent-shaped purse has signature features such as a top zipper component and occasionally has slim pockets on either side for added storage. 

Hobo Purse

The hobo purse is famously characterized by its signature loose and thin shape along with its open compartments for easy storage access. 

The hobo purse usually has a long flat shoulder strap, which is designed to be a scoop shape in the center in order to easily be carried on your shoulders.

Knot Purse

This purse obviously gets its name from the signature knot loop that secures the top part of the bag.

It is also typically made from fabric materials but you can definitely find it in more sleek and classy leather or suede versions. 

Micro Purse

These fashionable micro designer purses are smaller than a traditional mini bag and typically are only big enough to hold lipgloss, loose change, and really nothing else.

Mainly used more for style and function, the micro purse is definitely trendy because of its size making a bold fashion statement. 

Mini Purse

This purse lands on the spectrum between the classic purse and the micro purse. 

The mini purse has a little more functionality than the micro purse due to its larger size and its compartment capabilities. 

Monogrammed Purses

What better way to be stylish than to show off your initials with a monogrammed purse?

The monogram purse either comes with embroidered or clasp fastening initials. 

Muff Purse

Instantly recognizable due to its signature fur muff fabric outside, the muff purse can either be made with either genuine fur or faux fur and is typically worn outside during the cooler months. 

Don’t let that stop you— the muff purse is trendy all year round as made evident by it being heavily featured in numerous designer collections. 

Puffy Purse

These cloud-like designed purses are a cool and minimalistic approach to carrying the traditional bag.

A newer trend, the puffy purse has been rising in popularity due to it being an emerging staple of designer runway shows. 

Quilted Purse

The quilted purse gets its name from the quilted texture and pattern found cover by the entire bag’s outer body. 

Rope Purse

Like the name states, these purses either have handles made of rope, are entirely made of rope, or are a mixture of the two. 

Saddle Purse

This equestrian-themed, petite, crossbody purse is shaped like a horseshoe and comes with a flap cover that can either be fastened with a belt or with a button fastener. 

Satchel Purse

Designed to mimic the satchel backpack, the satchel purse is a scaled-down version of this that loses the two shoulder straps for the over the shoulder strap.

The satchel purse also features an adjustable shoulder strap, a flap covering, and numerous stylish pockets that outline the front exterior of the bag. 

Shopper Purse

The more rectangle-shaped version of the tote, although typically used for shopping or running errands, the shopper purse is fluid enough in design that it can be turned into a fashionable purse, especially when paired with the right outfit. 

The more square version of the tote, the shopper bag is typically used for shopping and has long handles to carry it around easily.

Sparkle Purse

Named due to its shimmering design, sparkle purses are typically made of materials such as glitter, sequins, and embellished jewels.

Sporty Fishnet Purses

These purses are definitely the catch of the day with their nylon cording and neon hues structure, and you’ll be sure to catch some curious stares with this bad boy on your shoulder. 

Straw Purse

This pouch-shaped purse is made of durable and waterproof materials, which makes it a relief for the contents of your purse against any element changes like a sudden rainstorm.

Teardrop Purse

As the name suggests, the teardrop purse features a teardrop-shaped over the shoulder strap and comes in either an open or zipper-closed compartment. 

Tote Purse

The classic tote purse is a spacious purse that typically has an open-top zipper compartment with two top handles, features that make it extremely popular and timeless.

Whispy Feather Purses

As the name says, these purses have a wispy look due to its textural and visual feather design. 

Things to Look Out for in Your Next Purse

While all these styles are great options, it’s also recommended to keep in mind some key features you need to be aware of when picking out your next trendy purse: 

  • Quality materials - If you can, always try and go for leather because not only is leather soft and durable, but it just looks professional all around and will turn any drab purse into a fab purse.
  • Size definitely matters - Be mindful of the size of purse you will choose and if you can make it work with your everyday needs or can be used for different occasions. 
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things - It's always a good idea to get out of your style comfort zone to explore and try new things. Just because you think you can’t pull off certain styles doesn’t mean that you can’t. Just play around with different looks; we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that you like. 

Now that you have a helpful style guide, you should have plenty of options to choose from when picking out your next stylish and trendy purse.

So, get excited— you’re about to go shopping for a trendy purse that is going to really amp up your accessory collection.

Your clothes and other handbags won’t know what hit them with your newest and stylish edition. 

Select a Trendy Purse that Speaks to You

Although all of these trendy purses are very stylish, be sure to pick one that works best for your style and needs.

If you aren’t sure which purse looks best, it’s always recommended that you try it on with some of your favorite, go-to outfits to see how they look.

You can even get multiple purses that you can mix and match for every day of the week or occasion; have fun playing with these different designs. 

So if you envy that stylish woman you see always carrying around the latest and trendiest purses that you were wondering where she got them from, now you have a guide that would put her purses to shame.

Who knows, you may even be that stylish woman someone else ends up envying and then starts looking into creating her very own purse collection.


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