A Look Back at Hammitt x Dragon Kim Foundation

A Look Back at Hammitt x Dragon Kim Foundation

Thursday evening, people gathered from all over SoCal to celebrate Hammitt’s “Youth in Fashion” Event in partnership with the Dragon Kim Foundation. Custom creations were designed and made out of Hammitt’s retired styles by the future of fashion’s finest. Their masterpieces were admired by all on display, auctioned and showcased in their very own fashion show. Surrounded by cotton candy, dragon pops, a magic bartender and a community like no other--it was a night to remember!

This opportunity for Hammitt to share samples and slightly imperfect styles with students has been another perfect way to celebrate our commitment to sustainability. These bags were beautiful and full of potential - these student designers brought out their very best! They set the stage for an unforgettable evening! 



First, we were joined by the media and social media’s biggest fashion creators and bloggers. They were so excited to see the creations of the young artists and to get to see in person and shop Hammitt’s latest collections.

The room was filled with joy and mingling as guests were treated to a cotton candy stand, a bartending magician and smoky dragon pop desserts. Hammitt’s Chairman and Chief Cheerleader Tony Drockton celebrated each bag as they were sold, getting the whole room to cheer. 

The mayor joined us, followed by supporters of the Dragon Kim foundation and fans of the designers. Everyone gathered around the stage as the artists modeled each silhouette and shared what their design meant to them. At the end, lucky winners received their raffle gifts and Hammitt even gave away a personal pick-your-prize with Tony. 

It was wonderful to be all-together again; celebrating youth artists with talent beyond their years, sustainability in fashion and the mission of the Dragon Kim foundation.


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