Image of model in white dress with Bryant in blue over shoulder.

Call The Doctor; We have a Case of the Weekend Blues!

There’s nothing a brand new Hammitt can’t cure! We are excited to launch weekend blues; your go to tran-seasonal collection to round out the HOTTEST summer ever and offer a huge warm welcome to fall! 

This Italian patterned denim is not your average pair of jeans. Not only is the base color a lovely, vibrant dark blue, but the denim is embellished with tiny tufted diamond shaped patches in a gridded pattern. The tufted sections are a light blue in color and make for a very fun, whimsical, textured hand feel. The denim is BEYOND soft and the tufted patches feel slightly fuzzy and appear to do a little dance on the material. 

Available in all your favorite styles and a matching wallet to boot, access the full collection here and sport that Canadian tuxedo for many seasons to come!


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