Come Inside The Apartment

Come Inside The Apartment

Our Spring 2020 collection is inspired by the apartment: The warm, comforting feeling of home, sweet home. Before the collection drops, here's a behind the scenes peek at the three real homes we used to bring this collection's story to life.

First, here's a peek inside our designer Jeanne's journal:

"downtown loft, tucked away cabin.

cozy walk up, family bungalow.

the apartment is a state of mind.

a place to call home.

a place for her to simply be.

her house is a personal vessel as her handbag is a home for what she carries close.  

warm, down to earth and timeless, her collection of inclinations and her sense of identity are pieced together with vintage finds and an old knit blanket she wears close. 

she surrounds herself with memories, rare heirlooms passed down and handmade treasures.

they are all part of her, part of her many-sided aura.  

we believe every hammitt should feel like home. 

come inside. the door is unlocked."


Eclectic and effortless, the California native recharges in her seaside haven among vintage ceramics and sunlight-flooded floors.

Key themes include crisp ceramic whites and warm honey browns.

Dillon Sml

Hammitt Spring 2020

Hammitt VIP


Anticipation floats through the air of her electric homebase, while pops of pink and neon confirm a case of Saturday night fever. 

Expect pops of pink and fiddle leaf green.

Hammitt Spring 2020

Hammitt Pink Bag

Hammitt Spring 2020


A downtown soundtrack drifts through her apartment window, as a pane-framed skyline jumpstarts her penchant for adventure.

Showcases textured blue leather and nubuck, plus frosted TPU.

Hammitt Backpack

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