For Your Most Loyal Pal...

For Your Most Loyal Pal...

Hammitt Dog Collection

Who let the dogs out?

You asked, we designed. Meet our fashion-forward lineup of pet essentials. Every piece of this paws-itively luxe trio integrates seamlessly, so your best friend can wag and walk in Hammitt style. Here’s the lowdown on every key piece in this K9-worthy collection.



Hammitt Dog Collection

Named for our marketing mascot, this carefully crafted collar features our signature rivets and comes in three customizable sizes. Check our handy guide for selecting your pup’s piece de resistance, then shop Cam here.



Neck: 10"-14

Fits dogs appx. 15-25 lbs.

Think toys and terriers.



Fits dogs appx. 30-60 lbs.

Neck: 14"-20"

Think whippets and westies.



Neck: 18"-30"

Fits dogs appx. 60-90 lbs.

Think doodles and dobermans.



Hammitt Dog Collection

Named for our founder’s favorite pup, this durable essential was crafted to pair seamlessly with our signature collar and puppy bag. Simply use its built-in clips to form a handle, connect to a collar or attach a pouch. You're officially ready for long walks on the beach. Shop Butchie here.



Hammitt Dog Collection

Sh** happens. Picking it up? No problem. Fill this pouch with your doggie bags of choice, then choose how to tote it: Use one clip and attach it to your bag or belt, or use both clips to extend your Hammitt leash. Now that's K-9 convenience. Shop Winnie here.

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