Experience the Magic of our Coastal Alliance Launch Event with artist Michele Mozzone

On Thursday, March 24th, the Hammitt team had the pleasure of hosting a retail event in light of the collaboration with contemporary artist, Michele Mozzone. Michele, an MA based artist who specializes in painting, has a passion for pastels, watercolor and oil paintings! Michele currently teaches pastel painting for the Rhode Island School of Design.

A celebration of transformation and the passing of time, Michele's vision captures the beauty of renewal and change. Her figurative paintings “explore the transformative effect of water and sunlight on the human form”, and it was an honor to have her paintings come to life in our products. 

Mozzone’s original paintings were translated into art on three silhouettes: Nathan, Addie, and 110 North. These products feature a gold commemorative artist logo on each bag and an authentication card. Her art was printed on leather and accompanied by Raffia. Michele’s artwork complimented our fabrics more than ever seen before, and we were lucky to celebrate this collaboration at our Manhattan beach location.

People flowed in and out of the store, admiring and purchasing our products while also socializing with the artist and her family. We were joined by content creators, Whitney Wiley, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Brandie Marie, Kia Claiborne and much more who showed up in style, sporting their Hammitt x Mozzone bags.