Fall 2020 Preview

Fall 2020 Preview

From Jeanne's Journal: 
self and solace. 

fall is the alliance of feminine and masculine, rich colors and new textures, sharp contemporary and easy silhouettes, whimsical vision and patient practicality.  

fall is an idea, full of wonder, learning, and growth.  a collection of life and pieced together shared experiences.

self is undiscovered creativity, intrigue, exploration, and curiosity. 

solace is finding joy, happening upon awe, being lost on purpose, and discovering the self.

each moment is unique and personal.  each moment uninterrupted appreciation. 

self is individual experiences strung together, fusion through shared newness is beautiful. 

fall is free, be a traveller and a tour guide, live, see, experience, taste, smell, try. 

each unique form of self love is accepted.  life is fluid, live all that you may.

self is fascinated, solace is humbled. 

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