Going Public Episode 6: Tony Gives the Big Pitch

Going Public Episode 6: Tony Gives the Big Pitch

This week on Going Public, we continue our investment journey with a big pitch. Josh Snow summarizes his advising visit at our headquarters and Chief Cheerleader Tony Drockton pitches to billionaire Chris Birch!

Josh Snow emphasizes the importance of tracking growth metrics for success. He notes that you must understand user activity and preference to see where you need to continue to expand or increase effort and potential spend and strategy. 


Then, comes the big pitch. Tony visits the estate of Chris Birch to present our product, finances and company's identity, to see if it is something he could believe in as much as we do. 

They have a serious conversation about all things Hammitt and with some great advice about margins, Tony ponders the fit for the company. 

After that, we're taken along for the ride at the Rolling Hills Country Club Wine Festival and Car Show. We follow Tony and Hammitt as they enjoy the beautiful California sun at the all-white, luxury event.

You get an inside look into the Hammitt customer community, and sneak peak at limited edition product. 

Next week on Going Public, Hammitt heads to one of the largest global professional services firms KPMG to reach more opportunity and gain further insight. You don't want to miss it! 

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