Going Public Episode 8: Hammitt Heads to MoneyShow Las Vegas

Going Public Episode 8: Hammitt Heads to MoneyShow Las Vegas

This week on Going Public, Hammitt presents their pitch at Investment Conference Money Show Las Vegas 2022. We get to see all of Going Public's companies pitch their story, brand's metrics and convince the audience to invest. 

Tony and Andrew took the stage to share our origin story, growth history and plan for the future. Tony brought the passion and Andrew came with the numbers. The two were a great pair in sharing where we've been and where we're going. 

In addition to presenting for the investors, we had our very own Hammitt pop-up stand where visitors were able to touch and feel the leather for themselves. This gave Tony and Andrew the opportunity to be face-to-face and make meaningful connections with potential investors. 

They were able to get up on stage for a second presentation the following day for those interested in hearing more about becoming a shareholder of the brand and having a piece of Hammitt for themselves. 

He was able to share Hammitt's use of the highest quality materials and our unparalleled functionality. The presentation was heartfelt and showed execution of the passion Hammitt and its people holds.

Next week, on the second to last episode of the series, we see the investment prospects and evolution of the investment journey. Don't miss it!

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