Hammitt Aid Spotlight: Blind Children's Center

Blind Children's Center

When we teamed up with Blind Children's Center for a fundraiser at Hammitt South Coast Plaza, we were immediately drawn to do much more than support them with one initiative. This incredible school, introduced to us by our intern Bridgette, was founded by her sorority, Delta Gamma.

Today, the school offers an integrated, empathetic environment for visually impaired and sighted children.

Tony Drockton

Our visit to the Blind Children's Center illuminated the power that patience, compassion and understanding can have in children's lives. Rather than separating children based on their differences, the school integrates children, believing that we can all contribute to each other's growth.

Tony Drockton

Hammitt has always been dedicated to empowering children, especially those with difficulties and challenges. Why? We were all children once, and a childlike spirit, even in the most difficult of times, is a beautiful thing to rekindle and celebrate. Thanks to everyone who has teamed up with Hammitt to support deserving charities like Blind Children's Center. We're making a difference for the next generation, and I couldn't be more proud.

- Tony D.