Holiday 2021 Leather Care Guide

Holiday 2021 Leather Care Guide

Care for your nubuck leather well and it will treat you right for a lifetime! Your bag uses natural grain nubuck leather in order to showcase its quality and characteristics, but that also makes it special to treat.

Spray with protectant before your first outing. Avoid contact with dark washes and denim dye. Be sure to store it in its dust bag in a dry place for safekeeping. 

If needed, apply designated cleaners sparingly and according to instruction. In the case of a stain, first, wipe off the dust and dirt on the leather surface gently with a dry cloth or brush, then lightly spray the leather cleaner on the dry cloth to wipe off the leather surface.


To care for the unique texture of glace leather, wipe off the dust and dirt on the leather surface with a dry cloth or brush, then spray the leather cleaner on the dry cloth to wipe the leather surface. Clean up any old care oil accumulated on the surface, and then use a special sponge or dry cloth to evenly apply a thin layer of leather nourishing cream on the leather surface, and place it to dry for  about half an hour. After the nourishing cream fully penetrates into the cortex, use dry cloth or bristle brush and wipe and polish repeatedly.

Do not use strong adhesives, avoid exposure to the sun,

soaking or contact with chemical solvents.


These leathers should be stored in a ventilated place and kept at room temperature. Some moisture-proof / mould proof tablets can be placed inside during storage if necessary! 


If the leather does happen to get wet, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture of the leather then put it in a ventilated position to dry naturally. For any stains first wipe off any dust or dirt with a dry cloth or brush, then use a light spray of the leather cleaner and wipe off with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean up any accumulated care oil on the surface! A nourishing cream can be used finally, and after fully penetrating into the cortex, use the dry cloth or bristle brush once more to polish. After you can spray with Never expose it to the sun or blow it directly with a hair dryer, otherwise the surface will harden.


For our more textured fabrics, store in a dry place and try to avoid contact with other jaggy surfaces. In the case of stains or dirt, we recommend using a soft humid sponge, or microfiber cloth or humid rag and neutral soap to gently remove the spot.


Our Blackberry Plum Patent is made from a smooth Bardot leather that gives it its sleek look. Be sure to store this bag in its dust bag in a dry space. If it ever does get wet, let it dry naturally in a ventilated place if a cloth wipe doesn’t do the trick! Never use heat on the material. Use a cloth that is the same color when wiping moisture. 


Our Edison Houndstooth is made from a fabric material called Cohen. This makes it cleanable with a humid rag or cloth. Use small circles to gently remove any stain. Store in a dry area and limit exposure to the sun!


Because our After Dark Snake fabric has an embossed design we recommend using a clean makeup brush or soft-bristle brush to lightly dust the bag in circular motions inside the design to break up any dirt or stains. Try to store it covered in its dust bag and avoid moisture!


Our Rose Rosé leather is a beautiful smooth leather, but has texture where there is embossment on many of the silhouettes. Avoid moisture when storing and do not use heat if the bag ever gets wet. In case of wetness or a stain use a dry cloth that is the same color as the bag to gently wipe off any dirt or dust.


Renaissance Cognac is made from Tex, a gorgeous, chocolatey pebbled leather. Be sure not to store in conditions upwards of 75-80 degrees. To clean first use a dry cloth or brush, and utilize our leather cleaner to clean and spray for protection. Note that our natural leathers do age over time which may cause a very slight color change. 


Soiree Smoke is made from Peony: a blended wool and polyester felt with a buffed surface. Due to its nature, we don’t recommend washing, tumbling or dry cleaning. Instead, in the case of a blemish, we suggest wiping gently with a damp cloth.

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