Holiday Leather Guide

Holiday Leather Guide

This holiday season we are choosing to be bold. We are living everyday as if we are the star of a movie. With every new day, we put our best foot forward. 

Not sure where to start? Our new statement holiday bags make it easy.

We’re kicking off the season with pepper snake, a luxurious and bold embossed leather paired perfectly with our carefully selected spanish textile, heirloom. 

Six of our bags are dressing up in pepper snake and can’t wait to be shown off this season. 

Shop pepper snake/heirloom gold here

Our next leather is a delicious plum and plum croco, picked specifically for the perfect day to night look. Experience plum in our buttery leather and embossed suede, proven to over-shine any holiday taste.

Shop plum and plum croco here

For a more romantic and neutral twist to plum, look no further than our mauve, mauve croco and rose natural leathers. These bags are meant to be savored on a holiday night in or a romantic day out.

Meet rose natural on our Hunter Mini:

You don’t always have to be loud to be bold, meet walnut, walnut thatch, black leopard and gray natural. A group of holiday leathers that speak volumes in a room, without ever saying a word. 

Walnut and walnut thatch are a timeless leather color, as bold and sultry as a fresh cup of espresso.

Meet black leopard, a print that has held the test of time, a stylish statement custom printed on our smooth leather.

We thought we found the perfect neutral with pewter... then came grey natural, the bag that will pair with any of your bold holiday styles while adding the softest touch.

Wrapping our holiday collection up with a bang, we have patterns that will surely bring you center stage while making every day exciting and fresh. Meet, electric tweed, gaze, french navy, french navy snake and sparkle.

Electric tweed is a multi colored fabric sourced from Spain. It has a thick textile feel with the perfect combination of purple, red, green, black, pink, orange and yellow. A statement piece meant to wow. 

Meet gaze, a material loom woven in France. Gaze is a once in a lifetime material for Hammitt, and one we are very excited about. Gaze is dreamy and rich, full of stories to share and places to explore. Gaze is a material like none other and is one to be desired. 

Meet french navy and french navy snake, if you loved our indigo collection, you’ll love this deep, warm, navy blue embossed leather. It’s royal, it’s luxurious, it’s french navy. 

 Finally, the shining star of the show, the one who lights up a room and is the perfect companion to any holiday celebration, meet sparkle. Sparkle is a gold, Italian full grain leather that catches the light in the most beautiful way creating a sheen on the bag. Tis’ the season, and never forget to shine.

Shop our holiday collection here

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