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How to Store Handbags

Is your handbag collection in need of a little bit more structure?

We totally get that you love your luxury handbags and would never do anything intentionally to not properly store them— we get it, life gets busy. 

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But maybe you’ve noticed you can’t find your favorite bag that’s now in season or you missed a great opportunity to pair it with a new look you created.

Or maybe, every time you open your closet, you flinch as your handbags cascade around you.

It’s time we have a serious talk about properly storing those designer handbags.

If you haven’t considered why it is so important for you to properly store your handbags, we definitely don’t mind going through the reasons why:

  • It cuts down on clutter— closets seem to be a giant magnet for chaos if left unchecked, and you definitely don’t want falling handbags to be in your local forecast. 
  • You don’t want to miss out on wearing some of your favorite bags— if you’re not able to properly see all of your bags, you may miss out on pairing them with a stellar outfit that was just missing one thing to really tie it all together. 
  • It will let them last longer— unkempt bags can get damaged if not stored properly. 

Since we love to find great ways to organize our space, this is definitely in our wheelhouse.

So if you are frustrated about where to even start or are worried you might be or will be storing them the wrong way, we’re here to give you the 411 so you can get to storing those handbags properly. 

Install Hooks

If you are interested in storing your handbags in a more convenient and easy-to-grab way, the best way is by installing hooks into your closet.

There are various ways you can install your handbag hooks, but some of the most recommended and stylish options are the following:

  • Behind your closet door- What easier place than to install some decorative hat hooks than behind your closet door? You can hang your handbag up on them and grab it right before you leave for the day’s adventures. 
  • On the back wall of your closet - You may already have your closet door filled up with accessories, and that is totally okay. Instead, if you have the space for it, install some hooks on the back wall of your closet, and all you will need to do is part your clothes on either side, grab your handbag, and you’ll be out the door in no time.
  • On either side of your closet walls - If you’re not keen on the idea of having hooks on your closet door or on the back of your closet wall, you can definitely put your hooks on the side wall closet. This is another excellent way to stylishly organize your closet and your favorite handbags.

Hooks are extremely easy to install and take down as well, so you don’t have to worry about wasting a whole day trying to install them.

You can also get different styles of handbag hooks ranging from minimalist to elaborate:

  • Removable hooks - If you’re one to change your mind about organizing and moving things around, especially when that feeling hits you out of nowhere, try grabbing some removable hooks instead. That way, there’s no harm or foul if you decide to change out where you want to move your handbag hooks in your closet.
  • Steel hooks from a hardware store - If you are definitely ok with something more permanent, feel free to buy some decorative steel hangers from any local hardware store. You can even use this opportunity to make it into a fun DIY project and customize those steel hooks yourself. 

When just starting out on your handbag organizing journey or if you’re hesitant about getting anything installed long term because you’re renting, getting hooks, especially removable hooks, is the best way to go.

Cubby Containers

If you feel that hooks may be a bit too college-esque for your taste, another great way to store your handbags is to invest in cubby containers that you can easily store in your closet.

There are various different styles of cubby containers out there, and which you choose definitely depends on your style, and closet space.

If you’re just now undertaking your research into this, allow us to give a couple of pointers:

  • Bins - Bins are a great way to store your handbags because you can definitely have fun selecting different colors, styles, and sizes for your handbags. Mix and match your bins colors with your handbag’s primary colors for some fun designs in your closet. Plus, with an open bin, you can grab your handbag and be on your way in just a second. 
  • Boxes - If you would like something that is more closed off for safe-keeping, definitely invest in a decorative box. You can certainly have as much fun decorating as you did with the bins by selecting boxes that have different patterns, colors, and sizes. You’d be surprised how stylish you can get by organizing your accessories. 
  • Plastic Containers - For your older handbags or the ones you only take out for very, very, specific occasions which may not see the light of day as often as the others, definitely look into plastic containers. Since these types of handbags are stored away fairly often, you want to make sure that they don’t get dusty. By securing them in a plastic container, this will allow them to look as fabulous as the last time you took them out. 

Using cubby containers will not only allow you to store your handbags away from things that can ruin your accessories like dust but will also allow you to have some stylish fun getting boxes, bins, and plastic containers that will really make your closet pop.

Closet Organizers

For the more daring closet organizers out there who have an afternoon or two to spare in really getting their handbags organized, investing in a quality closet organizer is definitely right up your alley.

The best thing about closet organizers is that there are a variety of products so that you can choose one that really suits your style and closet needs.

Here are some of our favorite ways we have seen others really take their closet organizing, especially when it comes to their handbags, to the next level:

  • Bookshelf - Yes, you can believe it. Some space-savvy fashionistas out there are really buying whole bookcases and installing them into their closet for their handbag collection, and it’s a great idea too. Most bookshelves already have cubbies and shelves installed, so all you have to do is organize your bags in there. Plus, it can also save you some space for your other accessories if you have room left over.
  • Installing high shelves - Another trend that is currently on fire is to install higher shelves in your closet. This allows you to work up instead of out with the space in your closet. Installing higher shelves also has a very art gallery feel, so you can probably show off your handbag collection in an organized way.
  • Closet kit - If you’re frustrated that your closet space is barren or simply want to organize it better, getting a closet kit is right for you. They’re a versatile and easy way for you to decide how much hanging space and shelving you need. The kit can be fitted to your specifications so you get to choose what goes where.

If you have the time, space, and patience to block off a couple of hours for one afternoon, you can definitely have your closet space set up to accommodate your handbag storage.

So don’t be scared to pull that hair up, put those yoga pants on, and create a masterpiece of a closet organizer for your handbags. 

Unique Trends

If neither of these options appeals to you, fear not! We have a couple of more tricks up our sleeve, so don’t feel like you can’t get a handbag storage setup that works for your needs.

We’ve also done our due diligence and looked up some seemingly questionable but very clever ways that you can store your handbags without investing in bins or a closet organizer.

  • Shower curtain rings - It may sound tacky but it can definitely work if you get some durable hangers. Simply place the rings on the rod across the pole holding your clothes up and let them hang freely in your closet, ready to be grabbed at a moment’s notice.
  • Magazine holders - Acrylic magazine holders have become extremely popular with storing smaller and flatter handbags such as clutches and wallets. If you get one large enough that can fit nicely in your closet, you may be able to store one of your handbag collections in them.
  • Hanging shoe organizers - These mesh hanging organizers that you can set up on the rod inside your closet are another great option for storing your handbags. The hanging cubbies can keep your handbags from being smashed into each other, keeping them safe from abuse. You can also invest in some shelf dividers and store your favorite shoes along with your favorite bag, giving you a very chic and organized look for your closet.
  • Over the door pantry baskets - The wire baskets often seen in organizing all of your baking spices, and other cabinet staples in your pantry can also be used to organize your bags as well. Try using each bin to store a different type of handbag together (i.e., clutches go into one basket, wallets in another, etc.) and really marvel at how much space you’ll be saving in your closet.

You can definitely take the path less traveled on your journey to the ultimate storage space for your handbags.

These options prove that you can take something as simple as a magazine holder and repurpose it for something uniquely different but extremely resourceful. 

You may also find your own ways to repurpose items in your house to store your handbags. Who knows, you may even start a new and creative trend!

Store Your Handbags Properly

You owe it to yourself and your precious designer handbags to organize and store them properly.

If we take care of our things, they take care of us, and that is exactly how you should feel about your handbag collection.

Let’s run through one more time some great ways you can get on top of storing those handbags properly:

  • Try hooks - They don’t have to be permanent if you want to experiment and move them around your closet. You can even try placing them on various spots in your closet to see what works best.
  • Invest in cubby containers - Getting some chic bins, boxes, or plastic containers will not only keep your handbags looking stylish but your closet too.
  • Get your hands dirty with a closet kit - If you have space, means, and patience, totally reinvent your closet space with a closet kit and be the boss of how your closet is laid out.
  • Try repurposing household products - If you’re not interested in purchasing something to store your handbags with, you can totally repurpose things like shower curtains or magazine racks to store your handbags.

Still on the fence? 

You can always do some more research and come up with your own options. Believe us when we say there are loads more different ways you can store your handbags, and there are even people out there who are professional organizers (seriously, it’s totally a thing— look it up!). 

It’s always good to have an open mind to trying new things, especially when it comes to taming the beasts of organization. You also have to consider things such as whether you rent or own your place and what is realistically for you and your design goals. 

Don’t be afraid to try out a couple of these different options and go with what feels best for you and your organizational and style needs. 

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