"Let it Snow!" Relive Going Public Episode 5!

"Let it Snow!" Relive Going Public Episode 5!

This week on Going Public, Hammitt gets more insight from an entrepreneurial expert and celebrates all together the fruit of a a busy week of shooting our promotional commercial.

We are joined Josh Snow, digital marketing guru, as he helps teach Tony and Andrew how to further grow the ambassador program and scalable advertisement. 

Snow shares about the growth possible when expanding to new and emerging platforms that will, contrary to popular belief, still target Hammitt's audience and become a great source of consistent revenue for the brand to expand. 

He believes by utilizing TikTok and Snapchat ads, we well as employing content creators with high followings to promote the product themselves, the growth will be inevitable and exponential. 

We also get an inside look into the viewing party and celebration of the James Bond-inspired investing pitch video. 

Tony scales the side of our downtown high-rise building showing Hammitt will go to any extent to satisfy our loyal customers. 

Tony then shares our Limited Edition Investor collection that is included to our shareholders. These pieces are handcrafted with special features only available to the select few who are actual owners of the brand, so they can hold a piece of Hammitt that declares their stake as a keepsake and plaque of pride. 


We cannot believe we are already half way through the season! Be sure to tune in next week for episode 6 on Entrepreneur.com!


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