On The Strand | March

On The Strand | March

Hi, it’s Tony, Founder & Chief Cheerleader of Hammitt. I love walking on The Strand, a long concrete pathway stretching between Santa Monica and Redondo Beach. On the Strand is where I share ideas and inspiration that cross my mind. Hope you enjoy our walk together. 

Read on The Strand

I recently read about a lifetime addict who is a convicted felon, a former con struggling with addiction and ADHD. Are they a failure? No. This person ended up building a billion-dollar fashion brand, ringing the opening bell for the NASDAQ, and played a key part in an Oscar-nominated blockbuster film. Talk about perseverance. Grab your copy here.

Seen on The Strand

I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience the other day: it snowed in Manhattan Beach! Now, I’m an Ohio kid, so I’m used to the snow - but not in LA! That’s crazy to me. I even grabbed a video of it here:

Sure, snow in LA is unexpected and not normal, but this whole past year was unexpected and not normal. Weird weather, a pandemic, forced remote work and distance learning - it’s all super uncomfortable because it’s not normal. We have a choice in those moments: hold onto the past and wait for normal to return - or embrace the possibilities of these changes. I bet you know what I chose. Which will you choose? 

Thought on The Strand

When we started Hammitt, I dreamed of being in the same conversation as some of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. That dream is now our reality. I was so excited when I saw this recent Closet Confessionals article on the Purse Blog listing the who’s who of handbags. The Hammitt VIP and Tony were part of her collection of otherwise Luxury house brands from Europe. I swoon.

Asked on the Strand

How did you invest your time, not just spend your time during this pandemic? Did you read more books, pick up a new hobby, learn a new language, build a business, reconnect with family, or even fall in ❤️?  If not, there’s still a chance to make the most of every moment.  

Inspired on the Strand

What do I see a lot of while walking on The Strand? People on their phones. Even with the pull of an ocean view, almost half of all smartphone use is gaming. I heard a fascinating interview with Dr. Jane McGonigal on The Knowledge Project podcast with Farnham Street. Her expertise convinced me that gaming can be really beneficial. It teaches better decision-making, can create healthier self-esteem and self-expression, and actually help improve post-TBI recovery and stress relief. Check out her interview here.


‘See you soon on The Strand’,


Cover Photo Credit: LA County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division Twitter

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