On The Strand: May 2021

On The Strand: May 2021

Hi, it’s Tony, Founder & Chief Cheerleader of Hammitt. I love walking on The Strand, a long concrete pathway stretching between Santa Monica and Redondo Beach. On the Strand is where I share ideas and inspiration that cross my mind. Let’s take a walk together.

Read on The Strand

I’ll never get tired of reading the sign over our new Manhattan Beach location. One of the toughest decisions we made in 2020 was closing our South Coast Plaza during lockdown. Reopening six weeks later and now opening this second location makes me smile ear to ear.

Hammitt Manhattan Beach Store

Thought on The Strand

Why did we choose Manhattan Beach for our newest retail location? For me, it’s home. It’s where I raised my son Riley. We’ve been to all the restaurants, ride bicycles along the beach, watch the Six Man volleyball tournament, and enjoy fireworks every year at Christmas. How could we not bring Hammitt to our home?

Hammitt Manhattan Beach

Asked on the Strand

What’s one of the best ways to enjoy Manhattan Beach? Step out of our store, grab a bike, and take a ride north on the Strand towards El Porto. There’s great food right on the beach, fire pits, the Marina, Venice, and Santa Monica’s famous Pier. Don't worry, you can grab an Uber on the way back and still catch the sunset. 

Inspired on the Strand

The best burgers on the west coast are still at In-N-Out, especially off their secret menu. Did you know we have a secret menu at Hammitt? Come check out our new store and ask about it. Prepare for the unexpected.

Hammitt Manhattan Beach

Seen on The Strand

Our team did an amazing job designing our newest location. I purposefully didn’t take a sneak peek until our big reveal. They nailed every detail of the inspiration with embracing our local roots. Check out our Facebook Live for a look inside and a fun surprise at the end!


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