Relive Episode 1 of Going Public

Relive Episode 1 of Going Public

The time has come!... 

Hammitt’s premiere on the new docuseries Going Public is streaming now on This new Click-to-Invest series has captured our crowdfunding journey with Regulation A–sharing the ins and outs of our investment growth. They give you Hammitt’s story from its origin thirteen years to where we are today, the fastest-growing American luxury handbag company The cool thing about Going Public? YOU can invest right from your living room. Never before has the fan and Hammitt customer been able to own a piece of their beloved brand forever and say they not only own the handbag, but a piece of the Hammitt legacy forever. 

In case you missed it…

Here’s what happened in Episode 1. Lauren Simmons and the Going Public team take you inside our offices to see where the magic happens. We get to hear our Chairman and “Chief Cheerleader” Tony Drockton tell you how Hammitt has become what it is today over the last decade. With exclusive interviews from Tony and Andrew Forbes, our CEO and former Jimmy Choo and Deloitte COO, you get an inside look at what it takes to become America’s fastest growing luxury handbag company. 

We journey through our downtown showroom and studio where you see the production for social media content in our photoshoots, virtual wholesale meetings, the innovative brainstorming of our E-Commerce and marketing team.


Then we take a trip down south to our Hermosa Hammitt Headquarters where we get an exclusive look at design where the inspiration turns to reality. Tony even drives Lauren in our Hammitt To-Go Golf Cart to our Manhattan Beach store to see the designs in real life.

The Inside Scoop…

Only here can you get a behind the scenes look at our filming days. Boy, were they fun! Did you know on one of the first days of filming, Tony was sprinting all over our downtown office, scaling the side of the building as James Bond…in a tux… on one of the hottest days of the summer!?

Tony always knows how to keep the crew in good spirits and made the filming experience that much more fun.
Be sure to tune in next week, Tuesday Feb. 1, as we take a deeper dive into the expedition of Hammitt’s crowdfunding campaign and be sure to check out next week’s blog for more behind the scenes exclusive looks!

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