The Magic Continues on Going Public Ep. 4!

The Magic Continues on Going Public Ep. 4!

Did you catch Hammitt on this week's episode of Going Public?

This week, Hammitt and the other brands continue our crowdfunding journey with our public offerings officially open. You get an inside look into our making of the most daring commercial ever as Tony channels his inner James Bond. 

It was one of the hottest days of the summer as Tony ran up and down our downtown office building, scaling the fire escape, showing how Hammitt will go to any measure necessary to give our customer the greatest experience. 

Then, our chairman and CEO joined serial entrepreneur and businessman Jeff Hoffman. 

They sat down to strategize scalability, marketing and branding; honing in on what makes Hammitt unique.
Finally, you'll see each company have a chance to pitch to  co-founder Tory Burch and founder/CEO of Burch Creative Capital Chris Burch as a potential investor. 
Be sure to tune into Episode 5 as we dive deeper into our investment journey! 
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