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The Ultimate Guide to Gifting a Handbag to a Recent Graduate

Graduation is right around the corner ... What Should I Gift to a Recent Graduate?

The perfect gift you can get for a loved one is something that they would love but would never purchase for themselves. A luxury handbag is exactly that. Have you ever seen a stunning handbag while window shopping and had to fight with yourself to not go inside and purchase it immediately because it’s way out of your budget? If you have then it’s okay, we’ve all got a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw in us. But that’s why gifting a luxury handbag is the perfect gift, especially as a graduation present! 

A luxury handbag is the perfect gift because it has functionality, class and a je ne sais quoi that just makes you want to jump up and down in excitement. This comprehensive guide will help you choose what Hammitt handbag you should get your loved one for their graduation that will have them smiling just like Carrie!

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It’s important to know your audience, so try to find out some basic information about the recent graduate: what’s their general style, do they usually wear a handbag and if so, what kind of handbag is it, etc. With this information, you can make the most informed purchase to ensure that they will love their graduation gift!

Tony Clear

The Tony Clear is especially perfect for a recent high school graduate, making their way to college and college football season in the fall! Most college football stadiums like at the University of Southern California (USC) require everyone attending the games to bring a small, clear bag. Bags are not allowed inside the stadium unless they’re clear. Most college freshmen enter their first year without this knowledge, and end up making the tragic mistake of bringing a non-clear bag with them, being turned away at the door and having to watch the game from their dorm all alone! Gift your favorite high school graduate the Tony Clear and they will always be prepared for their college game days in style; They’ll have you to thank!


The Levy is the perfect wallet - handbag moment for the graduate who doesn’t really like to hold a handbag but would benefit from having all their cards and teensy trinkets in one place. With a detachable strap, the Levy can be worn as an over the shoulder handbag or as a clutch. The Levy conforms itself to the needs of the user, making it an amazing gift. Now available in our new summer 2022 pattern, Dandelion Gingham, this style and pattern is the perfect gift for a graduate, right in time for summer adventures too! 

Bryant Med

Is the recent graduate someone who likes to carry a couple things on them but not too many? Super stylish and always has their finger on the trends of the season? Then the Bryant Med is the perfect everyday handbag for them, with a unique shape. The removable shoulder straps allow the Bryant Med to be worn in multiple different ways such as over the shoulder as a crossbody or as a shoulder purse! 

The Bryant Med is quite spacious as well, with a large interior in comparison to other crossbody/shoulder purse style handbags, in addition to an exterior phone pocket, zippered pocket and credit card slot. This purse is sure to make any recent graduate feel incredibly chic and classy wherever they’re off to! 

Addie Lrg

If you’re on Hammitt Happenings a lot, you might be tired of us raving about the Addie Lrg in every post, but we can’t help it! It is truly a favorite here at Hammitt for how great of a school and work handbag it is. With two exterior side pockets for water bottles, an exterior cell phone pocket for easy cell phone access, an interior credit card slot, three drop pockets and more, the Addie can fit almost anything you’ll ever need for school and work. This is the perfect gift for any graduate: the high school graduate is sure to wear this handbag to their college classes until their next graduation and the college/grad school graduates will carry the Addie with them on their adult journeys into their first job to their last. For the summer, we’re drooling over the Coastal Alliance Collection pattern in the Addie Lrg. if you want to give a graduate with the most perfect all around tote handbag, look no further than the Addie! 

 A Luxury Handbag: The Perfect Graduation Gift
The journey to adulthood just isn’t the same without a luxury handbag, one that you can take from graduation to graduation, job to job, from 20 to 50. Help your favorite graduate take their journey as a fully-fledged adult into the real world by gifting them the most beautiful luxury handbags on the market through our website or our retail stores! We can’t wait to join them on their life journey, with a handbag that will grow with them. 

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