Celebrity Handbags: Curate Your Collection

When trying to pick out the perfect handbags for your collection, you probably have your own way of seeing what’s trending out there, whether that be through fashion magazines or following our favorite brand’s collection for each season.

However, some of us definitely look to our favorite stylish celebrities to see what are the hottest or emerging trends right now in high-end fashion for accessories must-haves.

I mean, why wouldn’t you follow celebrity fashion trends? Because of their status, they are privy to first access to a designer’s existing or upcoming and are always wearing what’s stylish.

Curating your own celebrity handbag collection is also great for the following reasons:

  • Gives you the experience to experiment and try seasoned and new handbag designers
  • You’ll have your finger on the pulse of what is trending
  • Great conversation pieces with all of your friends, family, and co-workers
  • Use the inspiration from celebrity handbags to create newer and bolder outfits for day and night 

If you want to create your own celebrity handbag collection for your own wardrobe, we’ve got the best ones you could to have. 

Check out the following types of celebrity handbags that you need to add to your accessory line up ASAP. 


The clutch is the absolute staple of a celebrity handbag.

Look at any red carpet or fashion event, and you will be sure to spot the hottest celebrities out there toting it around with their completed look.

It definitely makes sense why they are so popular with celebrities, too. 

The clutch is functional for all types of formal events for the following reasons:

  • KWC - Keys, wallet, cellphone. When you’re a celebrity jet setter, you’re always on the go and need something fashionable and practical. The sleek design and minimalistic look of the clutch checks off all these boxes.
  • Extremely portable - Takes up way less room, but you can also add a gold or silver chain to create a shoulder strap for ease. 
  • Goes with any outfit - Another reason the clutch is the rockstar on the red carpet for celebrities is that it is subtle enough not to overpower the overall outfit but engaging enough that it can really complete a celebrity’s look.

Favorite Celebrities Who Carry the Clutch

Although all types of clutches can be seen at the side of many celebrities, our most notable one is former Season 23 The Bachelor contestant Hannah G, aka Hannah Godwin, who is known for rocking the clutch style on and off the red carpet. 

In fact, she even curated a capsule collection of assorted clutches, as well as handbags, shoulder bags, and the convertible crossbody bag in the Spring of 2019. 


Next up for your celebrity handbag collection is the versatile crossbody bag.

This new and sleek handbag has been a more modern accessory for celebrities, especially when they are out and about and looking fabulous either on the streets of New York City or Hollywood Boulevard. 

It’s no wonder the crossbody handbag is such a hit with our favorite stylish celebrities - the crossover handbag seems to have it all:

  • Cozier fit for moving and grooving - The diagonal shoulder straps make it ideal for comfortable wear that doesn’t weigh you down.
  • Frees you up - With the fabulous and busy lifestyles of celebrities, they need all the hands they can get, and freeing up their own with a crossbody handbag is definitely an added bonus.
  • Continuously Chic - Look at almost any designer’s past and present season collection, and you’ll be sure to spot a crossbody handbag. 

Favorite Celebrities Who Carry the Clutch

Former Gossip Girl star and lead rocker chick from the band The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen definitely never shies away from incorporating a sleek crossbody bag into her hardcore alt-punk look.

Speaking of Gossip Girl, former co-star and The Orville star Jessica Szhor is also a lover of the crossbody bag and has been spotted numerous times when out sporting it with her own unique and chic style. 


The tote is THE ultimate celebrity travel handbag, especially when they are between shooting and promoting their movies, acting as brand ambassadors for products that they endorse, or globe-trotting for various events all around the world. They are definitely always on the go. 

Because of this, they are the text-book example of looking fly while flying as they are always prepared to be glam either for the paparazzi waiting for them at the terminals or to dash to their big event.

With that said, it’s no surprise they need a bag that is big and glamorous enough for them to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. 

This is why celebrities are huge fans of the designer totes. 

If you are at LAX or JFK, you will, without a doubt, spot a celebrity sporting a designer tote.  

Based on this, we’ve gathered totes are huge on a celebrity’s must-have list for the following reasons:

  • Extremely versatile - Most totes can convert from over the shoulder to a handbag at a moment’s notice. This is great for celebrities that need a handbag that can go from holding all their personal items in travel to going straight to a premiere or photoshoot and using it as a handbag.
  • Spacious - Since celebrities often carry their entire lives with them, they need a handbag that can keep up with them. A tote allows them not only to carry all of their personal items but their beloved tech as well, such as cellphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Comfortable and stylish - The tote bag is also notoriously comfortable while being stylish for travel, so it’s no wonder celebrities are crazy about them. 

Favorite Celebrities Who Tout the Tote

Former The Real World: San Diego housemate and Sucker Punch actress Jamie Chung has often been seen carrying around her beloved designer tote when on her way between movie sets or hanging out around LA. 

Mini Backpacks

Another handbag travel trend for celebrities is the sleek and convenient mini backpack.

Celebrities since 2017 have started taking this classic school look into their own hands and using it as a travel staple in lieu of other types of handbags.

This trendy travel bag is finding itself on the backs and hanging off the sides of celebrities for a few reasons:

  • They have that old school cool feel - Retro is totally in right now, and the explosion of the mini backpack as a fashion statement for celebrities might be the reason why.
  • They keep things light - As we know, celebrities are always on the go, so they often travel light during their jet-setting lifestyle. The mini backpack is the perfect handbag to rise to this occasion.
  • They amplify style - Many celebrities are incorporating the mini backpack as a fashion statement and less for a functional piece, which makes their looks that much more fashionable.

So next time you’re looking for a new, compact, and chic travel pack, check out the mini backpack as a celebrity-approved way to travel new instead of old school.

Favorite Celebrities Who Tout the Tote

Funny ladies and pop culture podcasters Jac Vanek, Keltie Knight, and Becca Tobin from the LadyGang are big wearers of the mini backpack and definitely do so with style.

The Cellphone Handbag

For the more minimalistic celebrities out there who may find the traditional handbags too much for their light load tastes, the call has been answered in the form of a designer cell phone case.

Many celebrities have been seen out with the extremely inconspicuous bag, as it serves as a catchall for not only their wallet, cellphone but also touch up make-up items.

Celebrities, however, don’t just tend to sport any type of cell phone case and instead typically are shown carrying one with the following prints or designs:

  • Animal print such as cheetah or snakeskin
  • Suede or leather

So if you find yourself hoping on this same trend and want to carry only the bare necessities, definitely look into adding a designer cell phone handbag for your collection.

Who knows? The cell phone handbag may be the next iconic accessory staple in the future and may be a big contender against the next accessory on our list.

Favorite Celebrities Who Are Carrying the Cell Phone Bag

Cell Phone cases are becoming Gen Z’s modern take on the handbag as we have seen them popping up in the hands of celebrities such as supermodel Gigi Hadid, who is inspiring other Gen Zers to follow suit with their style. 


As we bring our handbag guide back to the classic handbag, the satchel handbag is another great pick for your celebrity handbag collection.

Top handle bags, also known as the satchel, have more appeal for celebrities because they have the timeless to go with any #OOTD and are typically featured more heavily with celebrities for this very reason.

Some reasons we assume they top almost every celebrity’s fashion ensemble is because of the following:

  • Goes well with business attire - this means brunches, movie sets, or on their way to shoots, the satchel is there to make them look fabulous each step of the way.
  • Lack of straps - fewer straps means more room to move around and move about their busy schedules with ease.
  • It’s pretty much a celebrity’s feminine briefcase - the satchel has become a power status for stars, and designer satchels especially give off the vibe that they mean style and business.

Time and time again, we find proof that celebrities are satchel loyalists who love to stick with the structured handbag.

And because there are constantly new envisioned looks to put a new style spin on a satchel for every designer’s Fall collection, we know they will continually be reinvented without losing their classic elegance.

Favorite Celebrities Who Are Saddled with The Satchel

These handbags have been around for ages and have even been sported by former First Lady Jackie Kennedy and everyone’s favorite glam icon, Audrey Hepburn. We’re sure they will continue to do so because of their ageless appeal.

However, our favorite modern celebrities, such as the beautiful Selena Gomez, are known to carry their designer satchels with them everywhere.

Curated Your Own Celebrity Collection

Curating your own celebrity handbag collection is a great way to diversify your style. 

As we said earlier, since our favorite stylish celebrities always have their fingers on the pulse of new and emerging fashion styles, we know we can look to them as guides for the industry’s most stylish handbags.

Before you start your new celebrity handbag collection, let us once again review your must-haves types of handbags:

  • Clutches - These quite literally handy and simplistic handbags are a great way to style any outfit if you’d rather ditch large bags for certain looks. 
  • Crossbody - These handbags are a great peek-a-boo shoulder or diagonal bag to carry across your body, especially if you are on the go and need to be more hands-free. 
  • Totes - For those of us who carry our lives in our bags, totes ability to pretty much carry anything stylishly makes it the ultimate go-to luggage for the travel-fashion-savvy celeb. 
  • Mini Backpacks - You don’t have to go back to school to realize why these mini designer handbags take on an old classic and are consistently spotted on our favorite celebrities. 
  • The Cellphone Handbag - The beloved modern spin on the classic satchel, the designer cell phone handbag, is becoming a hit, especially with Gen X celebrities and social media influencers. 
  • Satchels - Classic and timeless, the elegant satchel handbag is the very definition of celebrity handbags. 

By folding in these types of handbags into your own accessory collection, you’ll be sure to stun with your celebrity inspired pieces.

Be able to openly strut your stuff by carrying the knowledge and industry insight that your handbags are celebrity-approved.

What are you waiting for? Start collecting your own celebrity handbags for yourself and let your wardrobe take on a new look. 





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