Types of bags: 100 to discover

Is your bag collection in a rut, and you seriously need inspiration to liven it up?

Well, we’ve got the following 100 types of bags that are just waiting for you to discover them and bring home to add to your most fashionable outfits.

Accordion Handbag

The accordion handbag is typically a type of clutch that opens up to compartments that are structured like accordion bellows


The classic backpack should need no introduction, but for those unaware, it is a two-strap, over the shoulder bag with one to many compartments. 

Baguette Bag

The baguette bag is shaped like its famous French bread namesake and is a long and narrow handbag. This bag was made popular by Carrie Bradshaw’s character, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the early 2000’s hit Sex and The City. 

Barrel Bag

This circular bag has many components similar to a duffel bag, except that it is a complete cylinder in shape and compartments. 

Basket Bag

The most traditional and uniform of bags, the basket bag is typically made of organic, natural materials such as cane, bamboo, and wood.

Battle Bag

This lightweight but load-bearing bag is popularly used by the military due to its ability to house many compartments and withstand the elements. 

Belt Bag

Not to be confused with the polarizing fanny pack, the belt bag is designed to be worn around your waist but can be detachable from the belt, giving it a multi-purpose use.


A Bermuda bag is known for having a handle made out of wood that is attached to a round or oval cloth bag that typically has floral designs attached to give it an ornate look.

Bi-Fold Wallet

This traditional guy’s wallet can store things such as credit cards and cash and is typically made out of leather. Its ability to be folded in half keeps its contents safe from falling out.

Bicycle Bag

A general term for all bags created to be attached to bicycles, bicycle bags; they typically have hoops and loops and hardware for any attachments.


When first created, a bindle was typically a sack made from fabric tied around a stick and carried over the shoulder. However, the modern bindle ditches the stick and uses the loose fabric to tie together into a knot so that it can be worn around the shoulder.

Boston Bag

This barrel-shaped bag features a top zipper closure compartment and typically has two handles. Barrel bags also usually feature some sort of leather fabric. 

Bowling Bag

Traditionally, the bowling bag was created as a durable bag to carry around bowling equipment. However, now it is used as a fashionable handbag due to its unique satchel look.  

Box Bag

As the name implies, the box-shaped bag is typically worn as a crossbody or over the shoulder. It is also typically made of a harder material such as leather or crocodile.

Box Clutch

Aa another traditional type of clutch, the box clutch comes in the classic square design and is typically polished with acrylic and sometimes glitter. 

Bracelet Handbag

The bracelet bag typically comes with a handle in the shape of a bangle bracelet, which is attached to a small, cloth-like bag.


The classic briefcase is a flat, container shaped bag used for such things as carrying documents, books, and professional papers. 

Bucket Bag

The bucket bag gets its name from its bucket-like shape that also includes a cinched drawstring opening and a rounded base. 

Camera Bag

This padded bag comes with many different cubbies and compartments to secure and organize camera equipment. 

Canteen Bag

Shaped like a traditional canteen bottle, the canteen bag is a type of crossbody bag that is typically made of tough material such as leather. 

Cell Phone Pouch

Cell phone pouches are small, typically crossbody, bags that contain a padded compartment for the cell phone, as well as smaller compartments for a wallet and keys.

Chain Wallet

Chain wallets feature a wallet connected to a chain and hook and are designed to clip onto an article of clothing for extra security in addition to accentuating a fashionable look. 

Clasp Lock Clutch

This popular classic clutch is designed to hold a small cloth clutch closed with a clasped lock. 

Classic Clutch

These small and minimalistic hand-held formal bags either have detachable or no straps with concealed hardware attachments. 

Coin Purse

A coin purse is typically a small, cloth bag big enough to hold loose change or money. It is typically secured with a zipper or a clasp. 

Cosmetic Case

Designed for transporting things such as makeup or other cosmetics, the cosmetic case can come in either a hard or soft shell casing. 

Credit Card Wallet

These sleek wallets are only big enough to fit your credit cards and are also called billfolds. 


The crossbody bag is designed as a small, obscure bag that is typically worn diagonally around the body by a small, thin strap. 


Smaller than backpacks and more lightweight and compact, the daypacks are typically worn for everyday use. 

Diaper Bag

As the name implies, this is used for carrying around diapers and other things moms need on the go. However, more modern diaper bags are including more hardware and accessories to make them more fashionable. 

Doctor’s Bag

Traditionally used by doctors when they would travel to see patients, the doctor’s bag is a type of leather tote with a split handle. 

Dopp Kit

A type of toiletry bag for men, this pouch is typically made of waterproof material so it can be used in the bathroom. 

Drawstring Bag

The sporty drawstring bag is used for the person on the go and is typically one compartment bag that is closed shut by the drawstring or the drawcord. 

Duffel Bag

Another sports bag, the large cylinder shape of this type of tote has many compartments closed off by zippers and typically has two handles for support. 

Embellished Clutch

A more flashy take on the traditional clutch, the embellished clutch is typically adorned with embellishments like sequins.

Envelope Clutch

This type of clutch includes a fold-over flap that secures its main, and sometimes only, compartment. 

Field Bag

This large utility bag is typically made out of canvas material to withstand all the elements and temperatures out in the field. 

Flap Bag

The flap bag consists of a flap in the front to cover the zip closure and often has a snap stud button closure underneath. 

Frame Bag

The frame bag is either triangular or rectangular in shape that contains loops along two edges, which are used to attach to the bicycle frame by cyclists who need to carry things while long-distance or mountain-biking.

Fringe Bag

This bold crossbody bag was a huge hit in the 1970s and still is to this day which the strips of fabric that make up the fringe of the bag. 

Garment Bag

The garment bag is used to zip up suits, dresses, pants, or other pieces of clothing from getting wrinkled. It’s typically made out of water and element resistant material, zips up the front, and has an opening for a coat hanger. 

Gladstone Bag

Typically made from stiff leather, which gives it its boxy briefcase-like shape, the Gladstone Bag contains a hinged rigid frame that is used to open and close the bag. With its large capacity, the Gladstone bag is useful for travel.

Glasses Pouch

This small, flap over pouch is used to safely and securely carry sunglasses or glasses in general. 

Half-Moon Bag

The half-moon bag is crescent-shaped and typically worn as a crossbody bag with a strap or chain. 

Handheld Handbag

This iconic bag comes in unique shapes and features and is larger than a purse, which makes it conveniently designed to hold daily essentials.

Handlebar Bag

Another bicycle bag, the handlebar bag, is designed to attach to the front of the handlebar for bicyclists. 

Hard Shell Luggage

Travel luggage suitcase that is made out of hard materials like plastics, polypropylene, polycarbonate, aluminum, or ABS

Hat Box

A large circular box with a lined felt interior is closed with a clasp on the front and side and is used to safely store hats on the go. 


A type of sling backpack that is shaped more like a rucksack than a typical backpack. 

Hiking Backpack

One of the largest iterations of the backpacks, hiking backpacks, typically has many compartments, zippers, hooks, and hardware for the avid hiker. 

Hobo Bag

The Hobo Bag is characterized by its signature slouchy shape and usually has a long flat shoulder strap, which is designed to be a scoop shape in the center to easily carry on your shoulders.


A type of backpack typically made from canvas and waterproof materials and very similar to other military-style backpacks.

Knot Bag

This bag gets its name from the defining knot loop that secures the top part of the bag and is typically made from fabric materials. 

Lady Camera Bag

This is a compact zipper top pouch designed to be light and simple enough to carry a camera. 

Laptop Bag

Similar to the messenger bag, the laptop can be worn diagonally around the body and can oftentimes feature a flap or a zipper to secure the laptop in place. 

Long Wallet

Also known as the continental wallet, the long wallet is made to be long and sleek enough to keep banknotes untouched and crisp.

Manicure Case

This is a small, typically hard-shelled zipper bi-fold that holds your manicure tools in place with elastic compartments. 

Messenger Bag

The most famous of the crossbody bags, the messenger bag, typically comes with adjustable straps, a long flip closing, and various concealed compartments throughout the bag. 

Micro Bag

These fashionable bags are smaller than a mini and typically are only big enough to hold lipgloss or loose change. 


The minaudiere is a small hard-cased clutch or handbag that features decorative accents and embellishments such as crystals or beads. 

Mini Backpack

Somewhere between the classic backpack and the daypack is the mini backpack, which looks identical to both designs but is smaller. 

Mini Bag

Mini bags are either palm-sized or slightly larger but have a similar design to the mini bag. 

Muff Bag

Instantly recognizable due to its signature Fur Muff fabric exterior, the muff bag can either be made with both genuine fur or faux fur and is typically worn outside during the cooler months. 

Pannier Bag

Similar to the trunk bag, the pannier bag is designed to carry gear on your bicycle rear rack but is often also converted to backpacks, which means it can serve dual purposes.

Passport Holder

Similar to a bi-fold wallet, the passport holder is good for holding your passport in one place. 

Pencil Case

The name speaks for itself; the pencil case is a simple pouch design with a zipper to contain pens, pencils, etc. 

Pilot Case

This luggage and briefcase combined are combined with the rolling wheels found in luggage. 


Meaning pocket in French, the pochette is an envelope-shaped handbag that is often closed with a zipper or contains a wristlet feature. 

Portfolio Bag

This bag is made for carrying around large documents without them bending or wrinkling and also features a zippered sleeve as well as two handheld straps for easy transportation. 


The classic pouch is a small bag that is usually closed together by a top zipper closure and is a versatile accessory used to carry smaller items either as a handheld clutch or as an organizer within larger bags.


Also known as the satchel or handbag, the purse is a catchall phrase for most single or double handle bags.

Quilted Bag

Bags like satchels or a purse that are designed with the quilted texture and pattern. 

Quilted Sling

Slings are like crossbody bags that are designed with the quilted texture and pattern. 

Rigid Case

A form of the classic briefcase, the rigid case is made from harder, more durable materials like aluminum and consists of a tough exterior and an interior made of a soft, foam material to safely conceal and move your valuables around. 

Round Bag

Another catchall term for any circular bags, particularly handbags and crossbody bags.


From the German phrase for “from the back,” the rucksack is another variation of the backpack but uses buckles instead of the traditional zippers. 

Saddle Bag

This small, crossbody bag is shaped like a horseshoe and comes with a flap cover. 

Safari Bag

A variation of the duffle bag, the safari bag is typically made from leather and canvas fabrics. 

Satchel Backpack

The satchel backpack features the same aesthetic and characteristics of a satchel, but it is carried over the shoulders instead of with a handle. 


The satchel is a square-like leather bag that features a flap cover and a long shoulder strap. 

Security Pouch

Also called the small traveling pouch, the security pouch was designed to be worn around your neck and concealed under your clothing, which makes it a very popular accessory for travel.

Shopper Bag

The more square version of the tote, the shopper bag is used for shopping exclusively and has long handles to carry it around easily.

Sling Bag

Also referred to as the one strap backpack or one shoulder strap, the sling bag is a single strapped bag that is meant to be carried on one shoulder. 

Soft Shell Luggage

Luggage made of soft, durable fabrics such as leather. 

Straw Bag

A pouch made of durable and waterproof materials for safekeeping all of your toiletries while you travel. 


The square-shaped bag with rounded corners traditionally has metal hinges around the opening and is typically made of leather, cloth, or hard plastics. 

Tablet Case

A larger bi-fold structured case and bag for your tablet. 

Tennis Bag

Designed to carry all of your tennis equipment, tennis bags can also be worn fashionably over the shoulder. 

Toiletry Bag

Another catchall category for element and durable, resistant material fashioned into a pouch with a closed top zipper. 


The classic tote bag is a large bag that typically has an open-top zipper compartment with two top handles that remain popular today.

Trapezoid Bag

Designed like the classic shape, the trapezoid bag can either come in a handbag form with a top zipper and a handle or in a crossbody bag. 

Tri-Fold Wallet

Like the bi-fold wallet, the trifold wallet can be folded three ways to secure your wallet’s contents. 

Trunk Bag

A highly functional shoulder bag, the trunk bag is mainly used as an attachment to the back of a motorcycle or bicycle. 


The trunk is a rectangular shaped container that was made for transporting and storing personal belongings.

Vanity Case

The vanity case can either come in a pouch or crossbody form and typically has a mirror component. 

Wash Bag

Another variation of the toiletry bag, the wash bag is typically made of strong leather materials inside and outside of the bag. 


A large leather or fabric bag, the weekender is designed so that it stores enough items for short term travel and weekend trips. 

Woven Tote

Traditionally made of straw, the woven tote features material that is intricately woven into the bag. 


A style of a clutch or pouch that has a slim band attachment, typically made out of something strong like leather, that you can slip on your wrist and wear. 

Zip Around Wallet

Another catchall term for any and all bags that have a zipper feature that outlines the perimeter of the bag.

Explore Different Bag Types

If you can outgrow or lose interest in your clothes, you can definitely do the same for your handbag collection.

So the next time you need inspiration for your new handbag collection, check out our 100 different types. You should definitely let yourself discover some of these cool options. 






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