On The Strand | April

On The Strand | April

Hi, it’s Tony, Founder & Chief Cheerleader of Hammitt. I love walking on The Strand, a long concrete pathway stretching between Santa Monica and Redondo Beach. On the Strand is where I share ideas and inspiration that cross my mind. Hope you enjoy our walk together. 


Read on The Strand

“What’s on your mind?” Listen more, say less is the key to improving relationships. “The Coaching Habit” by Michael Bungay Stanier helped me become a better leader, father, and partner with seven simple questions just like this one.

Thought on The Strand

Who pays $3.1M for shoes that nobody can ever wear? That’s the power of NFTs: non-fungible tokens. Haven’t heard of these yet? Get the whole story here - it’s crazy!

Asked on the Strand

Why are Hammitts hand-made with the same 5,000-year-old process that built the greatest monuments in the world? The story is riveting.

Inspired on the Strand

The modern-day mantra “Fail fast and often” merges with the ‘thrill of victory’ in this 1910 quote from Teddy Roosevelt. Doesn’t that make you want to go for it over the next year? It always does for me!



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