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Family Time For Father's Day

Posted on June 06, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

Dad may double as a superhero, but he'll always have a soft spot for the little ones he loves. That's why we designed a line of backpacks with family time in mind. Whether you treat your favorite dad to an extra-roomy Montana backpack in leather or nylon, he'll look polished for work, followed by plenty of play.

Speaking of work and play, the Nicol family runs two businesses while raising two youngsters. Their secret? Prioritizing plenty of time together. Kim wears the Montana Large backpack, while Scott wears the Montana Extra Large. Sleek and roomy, these coordinating backpacks make it easy to transition from meetings and appointments to family time.

Whatever this Father's Day may bring, here's to giving dad the ultimate gift: A heartfelt thank you for all those bear hugs, endless ball lessons and every time he's ever said,

"I believe in you".

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day

Father's Day Gifts

RFID Technology: Our New Favorite Invisible Shield

Posted on May 31, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

Whether you're traveling or fitting errands into a packed schedule, there's one thing no one wants to worry about: Identity theft. We know - the very thought of it is enough to stop us in our tracks, too. That's why as we designed this season's wallets, we thought carefully about what would go inside: Your driver's license, your credit cards, and an invisible shield to protect them. 

Meet your new sidekick - the 395 North with RFID technology is a sneakily stylish, super-safe update to a fan favorite. There's no added bulk involved here. Instead, we built a thin film inside of the wallet that insulates you from a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming. So, rest assured: Peace of mind is even more powerful when it looks this good. 

Jami Alix RFID Technology Wallet

Worn here by @jamialix

Celebrate Your Grad With Bags and Bubbly...

Posted on May 22, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

Cheers to the best years of her life!

Give your favorite grad the gift of style to the highest degree. Whether it's her first Hammitt or a new addition to her collection, a new crossbody is the perfect way to show your support for whatever is coming next. Maybe she'll take Tony with her on a trek across Europe, or carry it all the way up the corporate ladder. Of course, she'll probably do both and more - because life's a beach, but this babe is sure to take it by storm.

Hammitt Graduation Gifts

Hammitt Graduation Gifts

Hammitt Graduation Gift

Meet Our New Exclusive: The Perfect Summer VIP

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

Our latest lineup of online exclusives has been all about a pre-summer glow, and this new addition is no exception. Meet the VIP in an already well-loved Eucalyptus Nilo, a shimmering punch of texture that's tempered with a simple Buffed Slate leather. 

Styled here by Southern California beauty Jami Alix, this bold clutch keeps up with summer's most daring trends, from skin-baring bodysuits to edgy light wash denim. Pair with gold jewelry and a fresh-from-the-beach tan for your sultriest summer statement yet.  

Hammitt VIP

Jami Alix


Stitched With Love

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

One of our most luxe, detail-oriented collections yet, the Stitch collection was developed as an ode to Southern California, carrying with it the story of our golden home state. 

While developing the Stitch collection, our designer Jeanne collected a small library of California maps. After tracing her fingers over hills, mountains, counties and waves, Jeanne decided to translate the stunning topography into thread.

Stitched With Love

Once she traced a state map using transparent paper and graphite, Jeanne led a team of artisans in embroidering the pattern onto two of our softest, most buttery leathers, black and sandstone. 

Mary Lauren

The result? A lineup of conversation-starting clutches and cross bodies created with a sense of home. Because even if you aren't from California, you know what it means to carry the people and place you love the most with you, no matter where you wander or roam. 

Mary Lauren

Photos: Mary Lauren Gunn

Gifts That Will Leave Mom Misty-Eyed

Posted on May 02, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

The ultimate Mother's Day gift? One that mom can carry with her everyday, no matter where she goes. Sometimes, showstoppers can become everyday essentials, reminding her that every little thing she does is remembered and appreciated by the people she loves most. 
That's why we're giving our beloved moms variations of soft Mist leather this Mother's Day. This versatile, textured grey leather is cool and calm, just like mom - always ready for any situation. 

Hammitt Mother's Day

"Why Mist?" you might wonder. Mist, because she never missed a recital or game. Mist, because she raised her Little Miss Sunshine into a strong, smart, stylish woman. 

Hammitt Mother's Day

From clutches to cross bodies, Mist comes gently buffed, as well as in two unique textures. And if we had to guess - mom wouldn't mind a cell phone pocket and a wine opener.

Hammitt Mother's Day


So, join us in a toast to the mom you love most. She's about to be very glad she raised someone so thoughtful. 

Why Mom Is Always a VIP

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Jenna Gulick | 0 comments

You are what you wear - and everyone knows that moms deserve a VIP treatment. Whether they're handing out much-needed treats or toting tots during travel, moms have a generous knack for putting others first.


This Mother's Day, we want to help you put her first. The woman who does it all deserves a gift that does it all, too, from family excursions to annual school fundraisers and monthly date nights. 

Mary Lauren

Enter our VIP. Designed as a sidekick for superwoman, this little number converts from a clutch to a cross body in seconds, leaving her time for what really matters (We've got our money on you). 

Mary Lauren


PS: Know anyone in Ohio? Let them know they can share their favorite Hammitt memories for a chance to win brunch with our Chief Cheerleader Tony Drockton and his mom.